Regulation of Drug Purchases

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Regulation of Drug Purchases

There has been an increase in the purchasing of drugs via the internet and from overseas pharmacies over the years. However, the acquisition of drugs over the internet is not entirely safe for the consumer thus ought to be regulated by FDA. Internet operations are normally prone to fraud, drug selling inclusive; in that consumers are likely to receive the wrong prescription or counterfeit drugs that in the long run would jeopardize their health. Therefore, FDA should actively regulate purchasing of drugs online as their key role is to protect the public from consumption of harmful drugs, and internet is a major source of these detrimental drugs. This is attributed to difficulty in tracing distributors and determining the legitimacy of those drugs prior to consumption as explicated by Letkiewicz & Gorski (2010).

Weiss (2006) says that failure to regulate drug acquisition from the internet and overseas pharmacy by the FDA would be extremely disastrous as it could result in the availability of unsafe drugs in the market. Internet selling of drugs may lead to consumption of counterfeit low-quality drugs which has been the case in the past. The internet also promotes establishment of illegal pharmacies that may be dealing in unapproved or recalled drugs. Besides, online drug purchasing increases the chances of drug misuse by consumers since in most cases the transaction is carried out without doctors’ approval. Purchasing drugs from overseas pharmacies also poses a similar threat. Therefore, failure to regulate online and overseas drug purchasing would cripple the health sector, contribute to unhealthy population and lead to loss of lives that could have been prevented.


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