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Dear Student:
Your Spring 2015 grades have resulted in a GPA below good standing. It is very important that you fully understand the factors that led to your academic difficulties this past term and implement corrective action. To assist you in the reflection process you are required to complete and submit the following exercise prior to June 12, 2015. You are expected to give careful thought and consideration to this exercise and follow all directions as stated. Reflections found insufficient in content and/or not following the stated directions will not be accepted. If you have any questions concerning the requirements of the reflection you may contact Assistant Dean
Learning Objectives:
• Identify specific factors that adversely impacted academic success in the past.
• Identify specific action items to implement next semester to positively impact academic success.

Format Requirements:
• Responses provided in a WORD document with date, name, and student ID number at the top of the document and with a document name of “your name Probation Reflection”. For example: John Doe Probation Reflection.doc.
• Reflection submitted as an attachment to an email sent to [email protected] The email subject should be “your name Probation Reflection”. For example: Jane Doe Probation Reflection.

Reflection Questions: Provide complete grammatically correct responses to each of the following nine questions
1. Regular class attendance is essential to academic success. For each class in which you were registered this past semester identify the number of classes missed and the reasons for the misses. Provide as much detail as possible.
2. Steady engagement with, and review of, course material is essential to academic success. For each class in which you were registered this past semester describe your out of class study approach. Provide as much detail as possible with respect to the nature and timing of the study. For example: “ For my REL 103 course that met on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I always reviewed and rewrote my class notes after class on Mon, Wed or Fri and completed assigned readings and other assignments in preparation for the next class on Sun, Tue and Thur evenings.” Or “For my REL 103 course I started reviewing class notes and readings two days before a test.”
3. Utilization of resources such as office hours, drop-in- tutoring, The Write Place, etc. can significantly impact academic success. For each class in which you were registered this past semester identify all resources you utilized to obtain answers to questions you may have had and to support your work.

4. It is often the case that outside the classroom factors hinder full academic engagement. These factors may involve such things as physical and/or mental health issues, personal and/or family problems, peer influence to spend too much time socializing, temptations to engage in unhealthy use of alcohol and/or other substances, failure to organize and manage time, poor eating/sleeping habits, etc. Carefully reflect upon the past semester and honestly evaluate and identify the outside the classroom factors that hindered your full academic engagement. Provide as much detail as possible.
5. Academic success in a course is often significantly influenced by past academic preparation. For each class in which you were registered this past semester identify how prepared you felt you were for the content. For example: “ In my CHM 124 course I felt that I was missing an understanding of concepts from CHM123 that hindered my work” or “I felt I had adequate preparation from high school for the content of MTH148.”
6. Review your course schedule for next semester and verify the number of hours for which you are registered does not exceed the academic probation limit of 15.
7. Consider your past academic record and identify any courses in which you received a grade of D or F. For each course identify if you believe there is benefit in retaking the course. Course requirements are not met with a grade of F. In many cases course content is sequential and a grade of D does not reflect content mastery sufficient for advancement to the next class. The University retake policy allows for up to 15 hours of grades of D or F to be replaced in the GPA determination upon retaking of the course.
8. In light of our answers to questions 5-7 identify any proposed schedule adjustments for next semester that you think would be beneficial to your academic success. Do not make schedule changes without first consulting with Dean Wilbers.
9. In light of your answer to questions 1-4 identify three specific action items you can implement next semester that you believe will have a positive impact on your academic success. The action items should be detailed and specific and should include a means by which you will be able to measure your success in implementing them. For example an action item of “Study more” is not detailed enough to be measure and tracked. An action item of “Construct a study schedule for all of my classes and track my study time and study activities with a log.” is specific and measurable.

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