Reflection on the ethical issue of bullying in the work places in, Australia

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In this paper, I would like to make a reflection on the ethical issue of bullying in the work places in, Australia. From my reading and experience, work place bullying is one of the main problems facing employees in many Australian companies (Rigby 2002p.77). Work place bullying impact on both the employees and the clients of a company negatively. Hayes & Herbert (2011) pointed out that work place bulling in Australia has contributed to the increased work place errors, sick leaves, psychological ill health and poor retention of staffs among most employees in Australia. While there are many reasons on work place bullying, contemporary studies on work places have reviewed factors that influence bullying in the work places. To critically review my experience in one of the service companies in Australia, I have applied the Kolb’s learning cycle (Kolb 1984) to structure and inform my reflection. The model will enable me to simplify issues I felt to be a complex collection of feelings influenced and governed by many people I interacted with in the in the work place. The essay will use the model components to give a description of my experiences in the work place via concrete experiences, commentary, reflection, active experimentation and abstract conceptualization (Kolb 1984).

Work place bullying

Workplace bullying is influenced by many factors but, according to the numerous  work place bullying authors and researchers, the fundamental aspects of work place bullying are formed  and influenced primarily work culture(Ramsay et al 2011, Salmivalli et al 2011p.515). The nature of the work place bullying, particularly within the service industry sectors of Australia, impacts on the services provided by the employees on the customers (Ramsay et al 2011p.800). It also influences the employees’ health working within the organization.

My experiences as a citizen and an employee of Australia Service Company have made me develop an interest in understanding deeper the work place bullying. Over the past few years, I relocated back home from my former work place to escape from work place bullying. I have lots of friends who have also been tormented similarly. We have shared stories and even consoled ourselves. Like me, some of them have resigned and found new jobs and some extended their calendar days and retired to escape from their tormentors. However, many people do not have the options, and therefore cannot leave their rewarding jobs simply because someone is tormenting them or trying to make them miserable. Therefore, they continue to suffer anger, anxiety and even depression that are associated with bullying.

Concrete experience

Workplace cultures that are positive are essential to productive workplace environments but they rarely exist within the service industry. The inability to create such an environment affects the company’s ability to employ, retain employees, and impacts adversely on the customer’s morale and satisfaction, health and productivity among the employees (Geffner 2004).

My time I spent as a junior employee has exposed me to many effects of work place bullying, predominantly influenced by dogmatic leadership styles and hierarchal management. This impacted significantly on the on the level I chose to interact with my peers. Despite the fact that I was still new in the company, I had some level of confidence in my capability, thanks to the positive mentoring from my college tutor who mentored me since I was a first year during my undergraduate studies. His mentorship assisted me in maintaining my enthusiasm and standard service delivery to clients of the company despite the poor environment at the work place.

However, I also witnessed the influence of non-transparent managerial and poor leadership styles. Some employees attempted becoming part of the company’s hierarchal clan for them to improve their conditions at the work place, which means they ran a similar

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Reflection on the ethical issue of bullying in the work places in, Australia
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