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Effective Strategies for Recruitment and Selection

Jul 24, 2023 | 0 comments

Jul 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


The most vital resources for an organization or a company are the employees. Every business requires a well-skilled and exposed workforce, which calls for a systematic method for job recruitment and selection process to guarantee the selected post with the best candidates. The organization must observe the relevant lawful deliberations connected with selection and recruitment when making decisions on the recruitment process. An organization considers various aspects during the recruitment and selection process (Albert, 2006). This paper contemplates the subjects considered by an organization when selecting job applicants. It presents a rational valuation of the greatest preparation in recruitment and selection, from profession qualifications analysis to the ultimate assortment procedure.


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The basis of the recruitment and selection process depends on the department of Human Resource (HR), even though the involvement of other functional departments may be necessary to affirm the assessment of technical considerations. According to Albert (2006), the initial stages in enlistments should be practical, realistic, and forthright. The HR needs to identify the number of people required for the job post, the capabilities, and skills for the job. In this case, Melisa, Corporate Communication HR manager, should demeanor skills analysis for the event planner. The consideration for the requirements such as the valuation of mechanical aids and imperceptible skills such as innovation and communication is crucial. Armstrong and Taylor (2014), suggest a work skills matrix to evaluate the forthcoming probable competence of job purpose and to connect it to upcoming development opportunities for employees. The matrix works by listing professional skills against the organizational skills requirements.

The second step is to create a job depiction and individual specification. The account for the profession contains a well-detailed and precise mechanical practicality of the organization (Albert, 2006). It gives the initial impression of the company by clearly stating the responsibilities and qualifications. The person stipulation discourses the invisible features for work practicality to certify that any probable apprentice for entry and intermediate event planner posts is appropriate for the Corporate Communication department. It is important to consider strategic objectives and aims for the department and the organization, being a newly formed workstation. The employees require comfortability in their working environment to provide the best performance for the enterprise; therefore, a perfect fit for the employee to an organization is crucial (Armstrong and Taylor 2014).

Duties and responsibilities identification involves general details about the organization, its functions, position purpose, and preferred qualifications. Fundamental rank and payment details help to develop a proper job description and classification. It includes the name and head of the department, pay grade, payroll title, and detailed necessities (Albert, 2006). The purpose of the post entails an account of the character and its link to the organization’s department and several recruits. The organization specifies the least necessities, which must have a close connection with the work duties and relevant to its responsibilities. Besides basic credentials, preferred ones are also necessary to select the best applicants.

Recruitment plan development is a major necessity for every post. The organizational unit prepares a documented strategy for luring and hiring highly qualified personnel and assist in providing a diverse pool of applicants (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). The plan comprises advertising networks applied, set goals, posting periods, advertising resources, and varied agencies (Albert, 2006). Every hiring entails identification of the appointment goal and their review. The best job advertisement platforms include the internet, social media, print media, professional conference, and job affairs. A company can use agencies who help the candidate to develop an understanding of the job post and provide qualified personnel for the company. Job seekers always post they’re recommenced to the resume banks to make work easier for relevant improve its customer service to its clients. The associates or the employees.

The decision between recruiting internally or externally depends on the organization’s criteria. For instance, Corporate Communication could hire the events planners to form within their company considering the best participants in the previous event planning. Internal employment has several benefits including opportunities for personal development and promotion for the present employees, which facilitates career progression (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). The technique has lower risks since the organization has the details of the employees’ capabilities and skills. Interior recruitment is efficient and effective making it easier to fill the job role with fewer risks to the organization (Albert, 2006). However, the method also has negative effects such as lack of specific skills for the new post among the existing workforce and bitterness for the employees not selected for the job.

External hiring becomes the best method in cases where the interior fails to fit. Corporate Communication can use online enrolment chances to reach a wide range of qualified candidates. In this case, only requires two professionals, therefore, the organization should create an affiliation with ideal recruitment interventions. The relationship assists to familiarize themselves with the relevant person description and job description. Hiring employees from outside may create challenges in determining the procedure. The logic of the decision depends on organizational discretion and economic deliberations (Albert, 2006). If a department wants to select a few personnel out of a large pool of professionals, it requires skills evaluation and contextual checks. The process may involve the use of many resources, which exceeds the funding detonated by the Minister.

Corporate Communication HR manager needed to choose a search committee that would ensure proper evaluation for the selected applicants before the interview. The manager identifies individuals who directly or indirectly interact with the new employees at the initial stages of their work (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). A search committee stands in for a varied cross-section of the staff to monitor the affirmative actions. They are individual who have proper knowledge of the responsibilities of a new post and contributes to the department. As well, they can be functional specialists in the organization. Melisa, as the HR could avoid asking for other knowledge on the qualified candidates, instead, she would be specific to the job posting process. Their main role is to ensure the limitation on battles related to personal interest and candidates presented for the post.

Posting for the new position ensures an accurate description of the job and personal qualification. The creation of request is under the Departmental Human Resource Coordinator and the approval is by the organizational HR Coordinator (Albert, 2006). The HR department reviews the application and passes it to the analysis of the assignment. Armstrong and Taylor (2014) explained that HR with the assistance of the search committee review the applicants for the recruitment to shortlist a few candidates for the interview. They also decide on the format of the interview, questions, and the person to conduct the interview process. Interview creates a chance for the applicant and the employee to understand one another.


This paper exposes the present best recruitment and selection techniques that Corporate Communication should be practice. It stresses the significance of earlier preparation and training to guarantee the selection of a qualified candidate for the interview. The job selection process and recruitment is very important in developing a description for the new post and a strategic plan. The assessment involves the selection of a search committee, job posting, checklist development, and conducting the interview. Recruitment provides opportunities to the department to align staff skillset to initiatives and goals, and for departmental and individual growth. Proper planning and evaluation of the need will lead to hiring the right person for the role.


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