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The nutrition needs of different individuals need to differ as an individual’s need for calories and other nutrients depend on different factors. These may include; muscle mass, weight, levels of activities, height and many more factors. Adults who are older may require few amounts of calories in order to maintain their weight as they rarely exercise as compared to before and their muscle carriage is low as well. If older people maintain the consumption of the same amount of calories they did when they were little, one could have the possibility of gaining more fats more so around the belly. If we take calories for example, since men have larger bodies (weight and height) and also have greater mass of muscles as compared to women, they therefore have a higher need for calories than women. For example, an average sized 31 years old female who is also moderately active physically requires almost 2000 calories on a daily basis while a male individual with the same characteristics require almost 2900 calories daily (Sarafino et al., p 222). Even if their heights and weights were the same, it is estimated that, men burn almost 400 calories more on a daily basis as compared to women.
As much as the required breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are equal for both male and female, as men generally require more calories than women, it has been found that men also need a high total consumption of these macronutrients. Women may have a lower calories need compared to men but when it comes to the consumption of vitamins and minerals, they require it more than the men. The life choices that I can make now to ensure long living and prevent heart disease may include avoiding smoking at all costs. The second one is choose the best nutrition. One of the major weapons a person can use to fight heart disease is a very healthy diet. One is advised to choose foods rich in nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals but have very little amount of calories. By choosing a diet that majorly emphasizes on vegetable, whole grain and fruits intake, one would be avoiding future heart disease. Lastly, in order for one to maintain a weight considered healthy, coordination of the diet and the levels of physical activities to ensure that the amount of calories consumed is of the same amount as the amount used.
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