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Question 1

Aug 14, 2017 | 0 comments

Aug 14, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Question 1
The P for promotion is the most important in marketing because it determines where and when the seller of candy can get across their marketing messages to their target market.
Question 2
I will talk with the purchasing manager since in the company; the purchasing manager is always responsible to some extent for approving the acquisition or buying of services and goods needed by an organization
Question 3
Rank in the order of sales difficulty B, C, A.
A-a straight re-buy the purchase is simply reordering the same products without considering other suppliers or looking for information. That is why A is less difficult
B-a straight re-buy out supplier situation is where new product purchase is required for the first time. It is difficult because the seller will have to provide the purchase with a competitive argument why their product line should be used, and additional information to the purchaser to help them in making a good decision
C-the modified re-buy is where the purchaser buys goods that previously have been purchased but either changes the supplier or some elements of their previous order. Hence it is neither too difficult nor too easy.
Question 4
I will use demographic segmentation. By segmenting the market demographically, I will divide them into different stage groups to allow marketing messages be tailored accordingly.
Question 5
A customer’s profile is the description of a set of customers or a customer that includes psychographic, geographic and demographic characteristics in addition to purchase history, credit worthiness and buying patterns. Examples of demographic include age, gender. Examples of geographic include locations such as rural or city area.
Question 6
Would you do business with us again?
What is the likelihood of you recommending this company your colleagues and friends?
Question 7
When marketing to very small market segments, online has an advantage over brick- and-motor store because of their convenience and their ever presence online because of long tail from search engines. Hence, small segment of consumers can select their desired products and buy.
Question 8
A university is negotiating with Nike, a manufacturer of sports apparel, to establish a new agreements in purchasing for their sports team. The university will agree on sponsorship from Nike and buy from them the apparel for a certain period. From the exchange, Nike will gain the selling right with the logo of the university and the university purchasing equipment only from them
Question 10
Cost of acquiring a customer=$100
Net cash flow =$40 p.a
Time= 5 years
Discount rate =10%
A=p (1+) n where A is amount, r is rate, and n is the time
A = 100(1+) 5
A= 100 (1.1)5
Lifetime value for the customer= $161.05
Question 11
Diversification- the manufacturer grew by diversifying into other new businesses by developing new tennis ball products for new markets
Question 12
I would recommend online advertisements since it is cheaper, has a wider coverage and has a presence everywhere including the major media houses which will capitalise on the discovery and give it free airing and media coverage
Question 13
Chasm literary means a deep fissure I the rock, earth or another surface. It also refers to the chasms existing between the early product adopters that are the visionary and the enthusiast, and the majority who are pragmatists. Crossing the chasms applies different techniques such as understanding the entire concept of a product, choosing target market, positioning product and selecting the best channel of distribution.
Question 15
The decision to internationalise is very easy. You do not need to physical travel to a foreign country, register a new business and start operations. Simply have an online presence then the business will be internationalised. Transactions can be done online and shipping through intermediaries.

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