Quantitative Article Review

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Summary of the article

This study was an empirical study call by researchers concerning the teachers’ beliefs calls about education with particular aspects of management strategies and classroom behaviors of teachers. The study answered the calls by empirically exploring the possible relationships of the contextual factors of school and their own perceptions of management styles of classrooms as measured by pupil control ideology.

The purpose of the study was in two dimensions; first to make comparisons of the pupil control ideology of the beginner teachers with about 2-5 years experience in teaching with their pupil control ideology at the end of their years of pre service. The second dimension was to make a determination of the relationship between the pupil control ideology of the beginner teachers and external and internal factors (Rideout & Windle, 2010).

The research applied explanatory mixed methods research design with qualitative and quantitative data from the pre service years being compared with data from the beginning years. Mail in questionnaires was used in quantitative data collection, and qualitative data was collected through one-on-one interviews.

The study participants were enlisted from a sample of 474 teachers .............

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Quantitative Article Review
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