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Public Relation

Style Guide for Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt is founded on strong values all concerned with providing quality and healthy products for their consumers. Their aim is to meet the expectations of their consumers by producing and supplying quality yogurt flavors that would give their customers the best yogurt experience. The company has a unique identity determined by their logo branded in pink and green colors.

Sweet Frog has taken into consideration the desires of every individual and more so is concerned with their customers’ health condition. Thus, have dedicated their research to coming up with ingredients that are health friendly. They have a caring and considerate customer care that ensures all customers are served to their expectations. They also believe in working together with their customers thus do consider customers’ views.

Press Release

2nd March, 2015


Food research- driven initiative developed with top nutrition experts and recommended by doctors as a solution to current high level of fats in our body system.

New brand of flavors aimed at promoting healthy families for the benefit of the community.

SWEET Frog Frozen Yogurt – 1st March, 2015- the leading supplier of yogurt flavors in United States of America today launched nonfat and low fat yogurt flavors aimed at overseeing a healthy family. The promotion for these two flavors begins in March till May with the intention of reaching out to every individual and family creating awareness on their solution product to minimizing the level of fats in the body system with the hope of lowering instances of people contracting fat related diseases like heart disease and obesity just as suggested by Guven & Karaca (2002).

About Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt is a chain of frozen yogurt retail stores owned and managed by Sweet Frog Enterprises established in 2009 by Derek Cha and has since then been voted one of the fastest growing business with over 215 stores in 25 American states. Sweet Frog headquarters is located at Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. The company provides a variety of delicious high quality flavors and toppings for their customers to choose from and create their own frozen yogurt. The yogurt flavor options they offer include nonfat yogurt, Low fat, no sugar added, supreme, and sorbet with each of them containing its own flavor. In addition to customer satisfaction, the company is concerned with the health condition of their customers as recommended by Guven &Karaca (2002). Thus, were driven by that goal to develop nonfat and low fat yogurt flavors. The flavors are available in supermarkets and their outlets and Sweet frog retail shops located worldwide. For more information visit their website or the nearest Sweet Frog retail shop.


10800 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 300

Richmond, VA 23235

Pitch Letter to the Food Magazine

Dear Editor

I believe your readers would love nonfat and low fat yogurt flavors from Sweet Frog Enterprises. The company will launch a campaign to create awareness on the two products from March to May this year.

The promotion will involve supplying the flavors at a reduced price with the aim of giving many people the opportunity to have the experience of consuming the product and determine their quality themselves. The nonfat and low fat yogurt flavors are delicious, fat free or low fat content the amount recommended by doctors and nutritionist. At Sweet Frog, they are concerned about your healthy and designed the two flavors so that people would stay healthy and fit as implied by Guven & Karaca (2002).

Ann, one of our regular customers loved the nonfat and low fat yogurt because they contain no or little fat thus lowered her chances of being susceptible to fat related diseases like heart disease though she was very nervous about trying the product at first but after using it she goes for it regularly.

I would be glad to send you a sample so that you prove to your readers that the product is indeed exceptional and worth their money for the fact that it is delicious and safe to consume health wise.

I appreciate your time and consideration for Sweet Frog the Frozen Yogurt. For more information visit their website,, or email them at [email protected]

Pitch letter to Twitter

Dear Editor

I think your fans will love Sweet Frog’s products especially nonfat and low fat flavors. Sweet Frog the Frozen Yogurt offers quality yogurt flavors that are good for everyone’s health and recommended for family consumption as it contains no or low fat content.

I think your fans will find the flavors amazing just like Daniel, one of our customers who said that “I like nonfat yogurt because it has no fat and can be consumed any amount without worrying about the level of fat content in your body rising, not forgetting how delicious they are.”

If it is okay with you, I could send you a sample so that you can confirm to your fans how good the nonfat and low fat flavors are for consumption.

I appreciate your time and am hoping that you will be in touch. For more information, email them at [email protected]

Pitch Letter to Facebook

Dear Editor

I suppose your fans will enjoy the nonfat and low fat yogurt flavors from Sweet Frog the Frozen Yogurt.

The two flavors are health friendly since they contain little or no fat content thus eliminating the threat of contracting heart diseases even if consumed in large amounts hence has been recommended by doctors and nutrition experts. In addition it is delicious and affordable.

One of our customers, Lizy, was reluctant at first but after trying the nonfat and low fat flavor, she became a regular, she likes them for the fact that they are delicious, easy to prepare and good for them and their families’ health.

I could send you a sample so that you confirm to your Facebook fans just how appropriate the flavors are.

Thank you for your time and am hoping to hear from you. For more information, email them at [email protected]


Guven, M.,& Karaca, O.B. (2002). The effects of varying sugar content and fruit concentration on the physicical properties of vanilla and fruit ice-cream-type frozen yogurts. International Journal of Dairy Technology. doi: 10.1046/j.1471-0307.2002.00034.x