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psycho-graphics for disposable coffee cups

Jan 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Jan 13, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Many people like visiting coffee shops or restaurants to buy coffee. However, the coffee cups used in serving the clients cannot be disposed or be recycled and that impacts the environment negatively. Additionally, the clients cannot have their take away coffee with them from the shops. This project is being executed to address the shortage of the disposable coffee cups in coffee shops and restaurants in the city. The coffee cups company is determined to supply the local coffee shops and restaurants that serve people who like coffee, a place to look forward to as they try to leave their daily life stressors, and a nice place to read their books or to meet their family or friends. With the great demand for great service and coffee of high quality, the company will capitalize on its location in the city centers to build a core group store partners. The company will offer the best disposable coffee cups to the city restaurants, hotels and coffee stores. This will be complimented with free delivery that makes the patrons enjoy.
In terms of branding and marketing, the company will be producing appealing products. It is believed the coffee shops and restaurants who will be the customers of the coffee cups company will prefer well designed disposable coffee cups that are appealing to their clients. The company will also ensure the coffee cups supplied are aesthetic, unique in designs, light, disposable and are environmentally friendly to avoid pollution. These are areas the company will capitalize on to build strong relationship and to make our clients attract many customers to their stores

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