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promotional mix elements used by Pepsi Refresh campaign

Aug 11, 2017 | 0 comments

Aug 11, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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promotional mix elements used by Pepsi Refresh campaign

Q2. List all the promotional mix elements used by Pepsi Refresh campaign. What grade would you give PepsiCo on integrating these elements into an integration marketing campaign?
The Pepsi Refresh campaign has used promotional mix elements such as:

  1. Advertising that has been carried out through, digital and social media like Facebook and Tweeter and broadcasting as pointed out by Kotler & Armstrong (2011).


  1. PepsiCo has used personal selling since Kotler & Armstrong (2011) indicate that, the company draws people into their retailer outlets to see the point of-purchase materials and hoping they buy its soft drinks, PepsiCo has partnered with Foursquare to direct its members to Pepsi retailers and gives them the incentive for them to visit.


  1. Public relation. PepsiCo has created refresheverything.com web site, has sealed agreements like the one with NBC Universal for paid pitches on the “Today” show (Kotler & Armstrong, 2011) as well as using celebrity endorsers by encouraging those they have recruited such as NFL players Mark Sanchez to apply for the grants be ambassadors of the project.


  1. Direct marketing has also been used since the company is spreading the message at purchase point by having the message on Pepsi bottles, cans and multipacks.

According to Kotler & Armstrong (2011), PepsiCo has integrated promotion mix elements well as the campaign’s message is the same in all the methods used in conveying it. Therefore, I would award them 100%.
Q3. Describe PepsiCo’s target audience. Is the Pepsi Refresh campaign consistent with that audience?
The Pepsi Refresh campaign, according to Kotler & Armstrong (2011) targets selfless individuals and organizations with noble ideas, passion and the desire to create a better society.  The campaign is consistence with the audience since they have achieved the desired audience response indicated by the number of proposals they get from individuals and organizations and the numerous projects they have funded since the campaign began.
Q4. As completely as possible analyze the campaign according to the steps listed in the chapter for developing effective marketing communication.
Kotler & Armstrong (2011) implies that the company has developed effective marketing communication as it has identified the target audience that are individuals and organization with noble ideas for the well-being of the society and do not have funds to achieve their proposal ideas. The campaign has determined the communication objectives as making individuals aware of this campaign and encourage them to participate in the good of thee. Moreover, the company promotes social responsibility by funding good proposal projects sending a message about the importance of community services. PepsiCo is using social media, broadcast and its own website, refresheverything.com, to convey the message. In addition, PepsiCo is collecting feedback via responding to people’s tweets and Facebook comments.
Q5. Will the Pepsi campaign be successful? Why or why not?
The Pepsi Refresh campaign will be successful since its main objective is to benefit the society. The major challenge of the Pepsi campaign would be finance. The campaign has had positive feedback in terms of its objectives since people have come forward to participate either by presenting their project proposals or voting for the best project proposal an implication that it is a worthy project. Therefore, most people would want to support it by purchasing the Pepsi drink as advised by the marketing director. Besides, the campaign also markets the drink and as long as the drink is being bought, they will never run short of money for the campaign just as illustrated by Kotler & Armstrong (2011).
Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2011). Principles of marketing (14th ed.). Boston: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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