Practicum Objectives

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My very first objective would be to understand how Antiretroviral Therapy can be used to assist in the prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV during and after delivery. Since it has been discovered that the biggest population that has been undergoing high HIV infection rates is women and children, this objective would enable me as an individual and a nurse to be more careful when handling a reactive pregnant woman and to create awareness on the dos and the don’ts during pregnancy and child delivery. With this knowledge well received and understood, it will help in the reduction of the cases of transfer of HIV from mother to child during this process (Carneson et al, 2013).
The second objective would be to implement and apply what I learn into real life practice. We as nurses have a very big task in ensuring that our patients get the best care possible from us. Carrying out correctly the different procedures and practices we learn on Antiretroviral Therapy would help minimize these cases of transmission. Before the implementation, as a nurse I am obligated to have a stable and a very good relationship with my patients in order to get the best results. Keenness during my practice would help me in this and as a result, I would be confident enough with the knowledge I learnt and hence it would be easy to build a patient nurse relationship which in return would help acquire impressive results.
These objectives and many more would assist in the reduction of Mother to Child Transmission if understood and practiced right. This in return would promote better healthcare to mothers and their unborn babies. It would also help build the relationship between patients and their nurses leading to them opening up easily and hence helps in the creation of awareness. The keenness and a greater understanding of a nurse to learn how Antiretroviral Therapy; can bring to certainty on its side effects and how effective it is on both the mother and the child. The listed objectives would help achieve all these.
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