Power Station

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Power Station

A power station is economically beneficial but poses a threat to environmental conservation and health thus, raises the question of whether we should look out for a pollution free environment and wallow in poverty or choose economic advancement and suffer the consequences.

Knauer (2007) says that a power station would stir economic growth as it would lead to developed infrastructure, create jobs for the locals raising their living standard and contribute revenue to the local government that would be used to develop other sectors of the economy like building learning institutions.

However, a power station is dangerous to the environment. A power station releases a lot of smoke that leads to air contamination resulting to respiratory diseases. In addition, a power station releases greenhouse gases mainly carbon dioxide to the atmosphere since their major source of energy is coal. Carbon dioxide is the main destructive element of the ozone layer that has led to global warming and climate change which is currently weighing on every nation as it has interfered with economic activities of the world as explained by Knauer (2007).

I would advocate for the construction of the power station under a strong clause that allows the local authority to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide they release to the atmosphere and allows for closure in case of any violation of the agreed rules to pave way for economic development while we double efforts on the search for green and renewable sources of energy as recommended by Jain, Ghude &Arya (2004).

Members of Environmental Conservation Movement that I was once part of, would not recommend for the building of that power station. It is a group dedicated to protecting the environment at all cost. Hence, would not agree to anything that would jeopardize their belief and work. The movement is founded on strong moral values and love for the environment just like most groups as stated by Schultz, Gouveia, Cameron, Tankha & Chmuck (2005).


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