Phase 3 Critical Thinking and Personal Ethics (DB)

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According to Graham & Havlick (1994), a mission statement defines the company’s purpose and what the company stands for. The mission statement’s main purpose is to define an organizations primary objective. It gives definition to the key measures for the success of the organization. By a company delivering a clear mission statement, they powerfully communicate the organizations intentions and motivate al, the stakeholders involved in good output delivery and to promote the success desired. What an organization is currently trying to do to their customers is the mission of the organization. The mission statement of an organization is important for putting the spotlight on the business an organization is in presently and the needs of the customer it is endeavoring presently to serve (Falsey, 2009).

Mission statements provide benefits both to the organization and to the public in many ways. Every department of an organization can benefit from a consensus of a mission statement. The following are some of the examples as explained by Falsey (2009)

  1. The human resource department applies the mission statement to contribute to the organizational success by creating high performing teams, effective leaders and maximizing the potential of the employees
  2. Corporate security department uses the mission statement to provide services that protect the corporate personnel and the assets through investigations and the preventive measures.

Similarly, mission statements benefit the public in many ways; the organizations aspire to serve ad satisfy their consumers, provide services of high level, provide variety of products that are pocket friendly to their customers. For example the mission statement of Coca-Cola and Home Depot

“The Coca-Cola Company is in existence to refresh and benefit anybody who is touched by Coca-Cola business”

“Home Depot is a business for home improvement and the Company’s goal is to provide services of highest level, wide selection of products with the prices that is most competitive”

Some mission statements are designed to market the company and enhance their image among their clients, corporate and governments. Others are to inspire and make their consumers be innovative. For example the mission statements of Boeing and Nike

“Our mission is to build a very positive image and powerful presence of the Boeing Company with community leaders, businesses and governments.”

“Our mission is to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, then you are an athlete”

I do read of the organizations I patronize and I do believe in them. For example, I believe Coca-Cola Company always tries to do what their mission statements states. Similarly, I do patronize Apple Inc and they provide goods and services that are aligned with the mission statements. Moreover, I do hold them accountable to live up to their mission statements since failure can make me and other clients opt for their competitor’s products and services.

I believe I can personally benefit in having my own mission statements both personally and professionally. First, mission statements can help an individual to maintain focus on the long term goals in addition to providing the sense of purpose. It acts as a guide and a yardstick to measure personal progress. Professionally, mission statements steers an individual where they want to be in their professional lives. To makes one feels accountable and cements a person’s thoughts on what they want to succeed at in their careers (Covey, 2009).



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