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Sep 16, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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My name is Crystal Bevil, a psychology student at Ashford University. I have been a student in the psychology field for the past three years and had extensive experience in the field. As a psychologist, I have experience in understanding human beings, their emotions, motivations and their thought processes. This has been achieved both theoretical ad practically since I have volunteered and worked as an intern in different psychology clinics and field that requires expertise in psychology.

As a student in a psychology program in Ashford University, I have numerous experiences for the past three years. Through the program, I have learnt different subjects in psychology such as human development, physiology, research and statistics, group dynamics as well as current theories and therapies.my experience with the psychology program have been of a journey, an exploration, and interesting. From my experience in the program, I am able to analyse mental processes and human behaviours, theories in psychology evaluate personal development theories and research methods in psychology. Lastly, I can demonstrate consistent communication behaviours with the psychology study and practice.

When I graduate, I would like to be a professional mental health counsellor. As a counsellor, I will be able to provide effective group and individual therapies/counselling in different community settings. With my professional preparation after graduation that includes skills, knowledge, and identity development and supervised clinical experiences, I believe I would make a professional counsellor who addresses and understand social justice to improve my client’s well-being.



Psychology as a field of study is very wide and it is very important in our day to day lives. A number of ethical issues are observed by psychologists include: being competent, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained, having an informed consent on psychological issues and ensuring that one has close relationship with the vulnerable in the society.

Relationship counseling and Health psychologists are the two types of professionals that engage themselves in ethical issues in psychology. The field of relationship counseling began in 1920’s and was started in Germany however this practice came into existence in the United States of America in 1930’s. Qualified relationship counselors deal with relationship issues such as marriage problems among others. On the other hand, Health Psychologist began in 20th century but it became prominent in mid of 20th century 91970s). Some of carriers of these individuals include: study of risk behaviors and study of psychological aspects of illness


Relationship counselors play a vital role in our society especially when it comes to issues that are related to relationship. According to relationship counselors, being truthful is very important and ethical issues should be utilized in the provision of counseling to individuals with relationship problems (Kaplan & Allison, 1994). In this respect, social intervention is very important, thus relationship counselors should use educational and organizational counseling to handle relationship issues.


Health psychologist are concerned with health issues and to them informed consent is very important. In addition to this, health psychologists respect the dignity of the patients whom they handle and above all they ensure that there is balance between the rights of the patients and that of the family members (Vasquez, 1988).


The relationship counselor and the Health Psychologists value ethical issues that are related to psychologists. Informed consent is very important for the two professionals and in addition to this, truthfulness and respect to clients is valued by health psychologists and relationship counselors


Peer-reviewed articles based on applied psychological research and directly relate to Ethical issues in Psychology


Therapists Anger, hate, Fear and Sexual Feelings: national Survey of Therapist responses, clients Characteristics, Critical events, Formal Complaints, and Training by Pope & Tabachnick

Therapists reported incidences of experiencing twenty instances of feeling hate, anger, sexual arousal or attraction and fear; encountering 16 events of client (such as client disrobing, client orgasm, client assault to third party or on therapist, client suicide); and engaging 27 behaviours (such as kissing clients, avoiding clients with HIV, using weapons, massaging clients or calling police to provide protection from clients). There were differences in response from the gender of the therapists, (for instance, more male therapists than females experienced suicides of patients, and faced ethics, malpractices and complaints of licensing),client gender (for instance more females were noticed as attractive physically and cradled or hugged by therapists), and theoretical orientation. Similarly, more participants rated training of graduates on sexual arousal, fear, and anger as inadequate.


Dual Relationships between Therapists and Client: A National Study of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Social Workers by Borys & Pope

This was a survey study which surveyed 4800 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to examine practices and attitudes regarding social involvements, dual professional roles, incidental involvements, and financial involvements. Half of the participants rate the extent to which every behaviour was ethical, and the other remaining half indicated how often they get engaged in every behaviour. Results indicated that majority were of the opinion that under most conditions, dual role behaviours were unethical. Moreover, most reported that they had never or had rarely engaged in the behaviours. Moreover, 10 factors (gender, therapist, age, profession, and marital status, and experience, client gender region of residence, theoretical orientation, practice locale and practice setting) were examined for their behaviours and beliefs relation. A high proportion of males compared to female therapists engaged in non-sexual and sexual dual relationships


Psychological Torture – the CIA and the APA. PsycCRITIQUES, by Arrigo 

After the terrorist attack in 1-11, detainees were being interaogated by United States in settings such as Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib. The American Psychologist Association (APA) fully supported involvement of the psychologists in the interrogations. This article highlighted key decisions, procedures, policies, documents and public statements by APA in a need to rethink and make suggestions to useful questions in a serious assessment such as, “were interrogation policies of APA ethically sound?” “ were there available other approaches that would have addressed issues of interrogation more comprehensively, directly that were more ethical and based in science, that wold have been more successful?” and lastly, “should APA continue endorsing its interrogation policies of post 9-11?”



Arrigo, J. M. (2006). Psychological Torture – the CIA and the APA. PsycCRITIQUES, 51(30)

Kaplan, D., & Allison, M. C. (1994). Family Ethics. Family Journal, 2(2), 146-147.

Middleton, R. A., Ergüner-Tekinalp, B., Williams, N. F., Stadler, H. A., & Dow, J. E. (2011). Racial Identity Development and Multicultural Counseling Competencies of White Mental Health Practitioners. International Journal Of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 11(2), 201-218

Vasquez, M. T. (1988). Counselor-Client Sexual Contact: Implications for Ethics Training. Journal Of Counseling & Development,67(4), 238.

Borys, D. S., & Pope, K. S. (January 01, 1989). Dual relationships between therapist and client: A national study of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 20, 5, 283-293.

Pope, K. S., & Tabachnick, B. G. (January 01, 1993). Therapists’ anger, hate, fear, and sexual feelings: National survey of therapist responses, client characteristics, critical events, formal complaints, and training. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 24, 2, 142-152.



There are similar themes in the American Art Therapy Association and American Dance Therapy Association websites are that they are all geared towards the health well-being of individuals of all ages. American Art Therapy Association`s theme is using creative processes to assist people improve their health and their emotional well-being. On the other hand, the theme of ADTA is use movement in furthering the emotive, social, and physical and cognitive growth of a person. The programs that they offer are meant to help individuals with psychological disorders express themselves, hence the programs are meant to ensure health well-being of individuals as well.

The distinct themes for the two organizations are that while the American Art Therapy Association is concerned about the well-being of all the individuals irrespective of their ages while the American Dance Therapy Association is only concerned with specific population who are special. Furthermore, American Art Therapy Association is concerned with the overall health of individuals while ADTA is concerned about the well-being of individuals with psychological disorders (Johnson & Emunah, 2009).

A professional in American Art Therapy Association could assist in the treatment of depression by directing their activities, which includes exploring people’s feelings, reconciling their emotional conflicts, nurturing self-awareness, helping them manage their behaviors as well as addictions, nurturing their social skills, decreasing anxiety and increasing their self-esteem. These activities offered by the organization with the assistance of a professional should be translated to be fun and interesting and to possess the ability to make individuals happy, hence helping in finding a cure depression in individuals (Junge, 2008). Aside, the ADTA profession can help reduce depression by talking to and with the clients, assisting them when necessary and giving the ample time to express their inner emotions.



Johnson, D. R., & Emunah, R. (2009). Current approaches in drama therapy. Springfield, Ill: Charles C. Thomas.

Junge, M. B. (2008). Mourning, Memory and Life Itself: Essays by an Art Therapist. Springfield: Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD.



Crystal Bevil

400 N Bluff Blvd, Clinton,

IA 52732, United States
(563) 242-4023

Email: [email protected]



To find a position challenging to meet my education, skills, capabilities, competencies, and experience.



Ashford University: College Of Health, Human Sciences and Science

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Alameda High School, California



Student Intern at Heritage oaks Hospital, Sacramento Northern California, spring 200x

  • I worked closely for 15 weeks in the mental health facility mostly with children aged between 9 to 11 years who have been diagnosed with emotionally disturbed behaviour
  • Assisted with the socialization and therapeutic  objectives set for the by psychological support team and IEPs
  • Compared case files and conducted individual research to understand better mental health


Student volunteer at Child Development Lab, Ashford University, California

  • Closely worked with 15 children aged between 3-5 years in a pre-school laboratory classroom that is inclusive
  • Produced new programming that is comprehensive to be implemented in the lab classroom
  • Completed a detailed development portfolio  for 3 children, and highlighting their cognitive, motor, social-emotional, and language progress
  • Attended classroom sessions weekly to discuss new strategies to be implemented



Ashford University Red Cross Club, Member

  • I have been a member of Red cross Club from First year I the campus
  • Currently serving as the secretary of the club, keeping records and mobilizing volunteers
  • Volunteer weekly in community services such as clean ups, visiting children homes and mental hospitals,
  • Developing training program for new club members.


Habitat for Humanity, California, participant

  • Assisted in campus wide fund raising
  • Travelled last year along with 10 peers, 2013,  to Jonestown, Mississippi for an excursion for one week to help in houses construction in the Mississippi delta



Skills:  skilful in Microsoft Office (Word, excel, and PowerPoint), Certified First Aider with Red Cross

Interests: social trends, sports, languages, travel



American Psychological Association
This is a mega site for scholars and studies searching for psychology scholarly materials. The website offers services such as various documents on psychology, description and listing of APA books, information about graduate and undergraduate education in psychology, conferences, journals, job listings, APA divisions’ information and much more. The members of APA can search online for PsycINFO database that contain thousands of journals and books dating back to 1960s. On a monthly basis, about 4000 new entries are made (APA, 2014).


This is an interdisciplinary and refereed international electronic journal on an experimental basis and sponsored by American Psychological Association. The website publishes articles, book reviews, brief reports and commentary is almost all psychology areas such as neuroscience, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, behavioural biology, linguistics, robotics/vision and philosophy (n.a, 2014).

National Institute of Mental Health

This is a government website and has information on mental disorders and also their treatment, research updates, conference proceedings, upcoming events and news (NIH, 2014).

The Observer

This is a journal published by Association for Psychological Science ten times in a year. The journal informs and educates the association on matters and issues that affects the academic, research and applied psychology disciplines, promotes APS members scientific values, comments and reports on national interest issues to the community of psychological scientists. Lastly, it provides an avenue for information dissemination on APS (APS, 2014).

American Behavioural Scientist (ABS)

This is a peer-reviewed journal published fourteen times in a year, and has valuable source of information for researchers, scholars, professionals and the students. The journal provides in-depth perspectives on contemporary topics that are intriguing throughout the behavioural and social sciences. Each of the published issues offers an analysis of a single topic that is comprehensive, important, examining inter-disciplinary, and diverse areas (ABS, 2014).

Review of General Psychology

This journal publishes innovative conceptual, theoretical or methodological articles cutting across the traditional psychology sub-disciplines. The journal contains articles advancing theory, integrate and evaluate research literatures, provide new analysis of history, or discusses new psychology methodological developments as a whole. Specifically, Review General Psychology is interested in articles bridging gaps between psychology sub-disciplines as well as the related fields focusing on topics transcending traditional sub-disciplinary boundaries (APA, 2014). The manuscripts become of high interest to this journal when they provide to the prevailing or customary views a provocative challenge. It encourages intellectual risk-taking (APA, 2014).

Psychological Sciences (PSS).

In psychology, this is the highest empirically ranked journal, is a monthly peer-reviewed journal with short reports, cutting-edge research articles, and research reports that span the entire science of the psychology spectrum. This journal is also the source of the latest social, cognitive, health and developmental psychology findings, as well as biopsychology and behavioural neuroscience. Moreover, Psychology Science is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (Psychological Science, 2014).

Psychological Bulletin

This an APA publication that publishes integrative and evaluative research reviews and issues interpretations in scientific psychology. Both quantitative (meta-analytic) and qualitative (narrative) reviews are considered by this journal depending on the database nature under consideration for review. Research synthesis or integrative reviews focus on empirical studies and seek to make a summary of the past research by making several conclusions from several separate investigations addressing identical or related hypothesis. Moreover, the journal welcomes manuscripts that deal with the topics at the psychological sciences interface and society, evaluations of the programs, applied psychological therapies and interventions (APA, 2014).

Perspective on Psychological Science (PPS)

This is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal with integrative reviews, meta-analyses, overview of research programs, book reviews, theoretical statements and articles that are broad on topics such as science philosophy, opinion pieces about psychological field major issues, senior members autobiographical reflections in the field of psychology, in addition to humorous sketches and essays. Moreover, Perspective on Psychological Science (PPS) is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (APS, 2014).

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

This is an APA journal that publishes empirical investigations that are original in experimental psychology that bridges psychological theory and practical problems. The articles considered for publication in this journal are those that significantly contribute to important topics in applied experimental psychology. However, the primary focus of the journal is always on experimental investigations conducted in field or laboratory settings. The traditional most prevalent articles in this journal have been applied questions in memory, perception, learning, decision making, human performance, and attention. However, the journal also welcomes researches on any area of applied experimental psychology including investigations from fields as diverse as cognitive, abnormal, educational, and developmental, health, forensic, social, human factors, sport or organizational psychology (APA, 2014).


APA (2014). American Psychological Association. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.apa.org/. [Last Accessed 19th November 2014].

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APA (2014). Psychological Bulletin. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/bul/. [Last Accessed 19th November 2014].

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APA (2014). Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/xap/. [Last Accessed 19th November 2014].


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