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Paying the college athletes monthly salary

Jun 20, 2017 | 0 comments

Jun 20, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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Paying the college athletes monthly salary is not realistic and not achievable by most colleges. However, the essay proposes an all inclusive compensation program for the college athletes as a solution to the problem that of not compensating the college athletes. The all inclusive compensation program as a solution to the problem has many dimensions and include awarding of free tuition, nutritional support, coaching, room, physical trainers. This is an inclusive compensation program if valued exceeds over $100,000 annually and is better that paying the monthly salaries to the college athletes as agued by (Cooper, 2011). The compensation program that will offer the solution will entail giving the students free tuition, meal plans, rooms and small amount of money for their miscellaneous expenses. This small fee does not mean a salary. Other inclusions into the program will be tutoring, academic counseling, nutritional advice and life skill training. The proposed solution of the all inclusive compensation program is more than just a pay for the college athletes
The first advantage of the all inclusive compensation program is that it is economical. Wood (2005) pointed out that in most cases it is overlooked that the student athletes receive free strength and fitness training, professional coaching and support from physical therapists and athletic trainers. When these professional services are compared to the professional basketball and football players, it is estimated to be approximately $2000 to $3000 in a week (Harrison, 2004). When these valuations are added to scholarships, Cooper (2011) argued that a college athlete in a big conference school is likely to receive a package of about $50,000 to $125,000 annually.
The social and professional growth advantage of the all inclusive compensation program is that it will make the college athletes gain publicity that is valuable to them compared to their monthly stipends. Furthermore, it is much easier for the college teams’ athletes to make evaluations of their talents after talking to their college coaches whom they trust and watching their sports career. This according to Wood (2005) lowers the uncertainty of the college athletes’ future performance. This also implies that they can get bigger professional contract when they become pros. Similarly, to some students the help from the coaches and publicity to the pro teams comes along with large economic values and varies across different sports.
The equitable advantage of the solution is that every college athlete regardless of the sports engaged is able to get equitable access to the services offered by the school or the college for the athletes. According to Harrison (2004), typically two to three sports make money for the colleges and they include football and basketball both for men and women and are referred to as revenue sports. On the other hand, the remaining sports bring little or no revenue for the institution and cost the college money to be played. Because of that, most colleges’ athletic departments lose money. This means that if the colleges could adopt a direct pay for the athletes as form of compensation, it would put financial pressure to the colleges to drop out the non revenue sports.  If the direct payment solution is adopted, the issue to be addressed is whether to pay the college athletes equally? Of course the students in non revenue sports already are getting more than the college gains. Therefore, the all inclusive compensation program is the best.

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