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Inspiring Students to Excel: The Power of Passionate Teaching

May 11, 2023 | 0 comments

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May 11, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

When we meet someone new, the first thing that interests us is knowing their name and what they do for a living. Just like the name, a person’s occupation speaks a lot about them; for instance, you can tell their passion and what motivates them through the occupation. An occupation is a day-to-day activity a person is involved in, despite the reason for doing it. A person’s occupation is rooted in the quality of education they have received and their general life experiences. Children brought up with proper education are destined to have great futures, resulting in a good occupation.


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As I grew up, I developed a passion for teaching. I dreamed of having my classroom and guiding students in their studies. This passion began at the tender age of five; my brother was my first student. I would run back home after school to teach him what I had learned in school; this began before he could walk. I had a very different childhood. Instead of playing with toys and receiving toys for my birthdays, I would beg my mother to take me to the teacher’s Supply store. In the store, I would enjoy watching teachers as they came in one after another to buy books; I knew one day that’s what I wanted to do. My upbringing was in a very loving environment, and I was always taught to be grateful for all I had and always to have a giving heart. With these values instilled in me, I plan to pass them on to my students. I advocate for fair treatment because I believe every child deserves it and needs the reassurance that they will have successful lives.

One key factor is that I am enthusiastic; with this value, I can implement and understand the meaning of connecting with the growth of students as a motivator toward my dream of becoming a teacher. What thrills more about teaching is the opportunity to positively impact a child’s life, to give them a reason to study hard and achieve better grades. As a student, I had the best teacher-student relationship. I believe my teachers gave me their best, and I would wish to give even better to my students. I believe that the key to success for students in their studies is cultivating durable relationships that motivate and encourage them.

The organization is another factor that gives me a passion for being a teacher. My mother was a very organized lady, and she taught this principle to us at a tender age by helping with less bulky house chores. I have had this same principle all along in my educational experience. One can only be organized if they have prepared themselves early enough. I love teaching because I want to narrow the gap between theory and practice. The theory of pedagogies acquired in my classwork expanded my thinking to implement theories and practices. I believe that educators can account for students’ differences in learning styles. A teacher should be a facilitator, a guide, paving through channels of knowledge, nurturing, and creating an environment that inspires students. I was a dedicated student with superb leadership skills and a work ethic that catalyzed my academic success.

As a teacher, I hope to positively impact the lives of children and students by having their best interests in mind. I will motivate and inspire them to become better students with excellent academic results. Teachers are responsible for bringing the best out of their students and fulfilling the intellectual enrichment goal. As an educator, I am altruistic and understand that all students and children are not the same. I believe in all my students, no matter their social, racial, or cultural background, and will always support them equally to do their best. I will be involved in creating assignments and teaching strategies tailor-made to fit their needs. Discipline and academic success are intricately intertwined; I will call my students to a higher standard of maturity to achieve academic excellence.

I understand the challenges with the occupation, and I look forward to them since it is the only way to grow and explore the real world as a young adult. I am sure I will be remembered for not only for setting the educational standards high but also inspiring students to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve excellence. I will help students discover their talents and teach passionately to encourage the love of learning. I strongly believe that the human mind is too precious to waste. Students should stay clear of demoralizing input and focus on achieving their best. They can only do this will the help of their teachers. The ingredient to outstanding citizens begins during childhood, a childhood of schooling. The influence of a good teacher on a student can never be erased.

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