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Pursuing Excellence in Enterprise and Project Management

May 28, 2023 | 0 comments

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May 28, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Personal statement on Enterprise and project management

Enterprise and project management is one of the dynamic fields because it supports the strategic directions of companies in implementing technologies which are helpful in increasing employee productivity, reducing costs and streamlining communications with the clients. My desire for this field has grown over the years as much as I have been in the architectural field. In my view, Enterprise and project management is the most challenging and interesting course anyone interested in becoming a project manager must undergo. I adore Enterprise and project management as it involves high level of creativity and innovation in regard to leading other field engineers and strategically managing projects to be successful. My zeal for Enterprise and project management was influenced by my life in the city of Shiraz, Iran and my father. Since childhood, I was fascinated by my father’s vast knowledge in architecture and his engineering works, and in most cases he let me assist him. As a result of this great experience, I developed desires to learn design and structural things. Initially, I was into architecture before my bachelor degree but my interest shifted to Enterprise and project management as a result of the extensive experience I got in the field thus would like to explore it more in depth.


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During my time living in the city of Tehran, I witnessed the high degree of expansion of the city, and this made me appreciate the wonderful architectural knowledge and structure of buildings in the city. Numerous individuals have obtained their post-secondary architectural education from UCL University and became great professionals with new and innovative ideas widely accepted and appreciated in Iran. Likewise, the UCL University has promoted energy saving techniques globally, and this led to my decision to study at the institution as energy saving and sustainability is important. Having studied sciences and mathematics in secondary school, I felt that I had a solid engineering foundation. Especially, geometry that was my favorite topic followed a design course that shaped my drawing and design talent.

Working with my father- project manager- and my brother who is an architect over three summers and Christmas holidays provided me with an opportunity to gain professional experience, knowledge of challenges associated with designing, management and constructions and criteria for handling them. I did assist my father to design and manage the construction of three buildings in Tehran. I also designed an apartment in Tehran and assisted my father manage its construction. The experience made me realize that I would be competent in construction and projected management as I had earlier on discovered during my bachelor study that I was talented in practical part of architecture and had terrific managerial skills judging from my experience as a group leader. Therefore, my passion and extensive background as well as experience in construction and project management have motivated me to pursue and specialize in construction and project management.

My journey in enterprise and project management has been shaped by my passion for creativity, innovation, and strategic leadership. Growing up in Shiraz, Iran, I was inspired by my father’s knowledge in architecture and engineering, which fueled my desire to learn about design and structural aspects. Witnessing the expansion of Tehran and the remarkable architectural developments further deepened my appreciation for the field. Studying at UCL University, known for its global promotion of energy-saving techniques and sustainability, aligned with my interest in creating environmentally conscious solutions. Working alongside my father, a project manager, and my architect brother, I gained valuable professional experience and learned to navigate the challenges associated with design, management, and construction. This hands-on experience confirmed my competence and passion for construction and project management. With a solid engineering foundation, strong design skills, and a natural inclination for leadership, I am motivated to specialize in this dynamic and rewarding field.

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