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Outline: Religious warfare, causes and the effects to the witnesses

Oct 28, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 28, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

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Religious warfare, causes and the effects to the witnesses

1. Introduction

Presents the concept of religious conflicts among various religions by exposing major doctrines that practice the war. It explores on the situations under which conflict emerges among religious leaders and political leaders. It identifies Islamic religion as the common victims of holy war terrors in the name of jihad. The essay discusses the collective causes of religious warfare among Christians, Muslims, and other religions. It explains these as causes as political, psychological, sociological, and revolutionary triggered by individual or group belief in doctrine. The papers provide the post-war effects to the witnesses as physical, physiological, and psychological in nature. It gives a possible solution to the effects that individuals should put in practice. The conclusion of this essay gives a summary of the discussion of the main thesis of the topic.

2. Causes of religious war

The paper will begin by discussing the major causes of religious warfare. It will focus on major conditions that triggers one to participate in a holy conflict. Political existence in religious and its effects on religious war will also be part of the discussion. The discussion portrays major motives to the conflict, considering material, technological, and military resources. The essay will also explore the effects of religious war to the witnesses. Here, both psychological and physical trauma from the holy warfare enumeration occur. It will provide practical and reliable possible approaches to the post-war effects.

3. Conclusion

The inference gives a brief summary of the entire paper majoring on religious wars and wars of religion. It is an affirmation of the thesis statement in the essay with support to causes of conflict and its possible solutions.