Outline for the Buthist

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Outline for the Essay


The book “The words of my perfect teacher” by Patrul Rinpoche a complete translation to Tibetan Buddhism. The book is a classical commentary to the Longchen Nyingtin’s preliminary practices, which is one of the best known spiritual treasures and cycles of teaching of the Nyinmapa School, the oldest tradition of the Tibetan Buddhist. “The words of my perfect teacher” is recommended by Dalai Lama and other senior teachers of Baathist and is a favorite of Tibetans. This book is a practical guide to the inner transformation and introduces the spiritual practices that are fundamental and are common to all traditions of the Tibetan Buddhists.



  • The essay will begin with an introduction where it will provide an overview of the Buddhist Concept of impermanence as discussed by Patrul Rinpoche in his book, The words of my perfect teacher
  • The essay will explore the Bud.............

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Outline for the Buthist
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