Our Young People the Change of Tomorrow

Nov 10, 2021 | 0 comments

Nov 10, 2021 | Essays | 0 comments

More often than not, the statement ‘Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow,’ however, I believe that our young people today are far much more than just the leaders of tomorrow. The revolution and youth power around the world shows that young people have already begun making strides towards making a change in our world’s society today.
Our young people have a significant amount of capabilities to initiate substantial change in society due to numerous reasons. First of all, our young people today are not constrained to society’s norms. Therefore, they live unrestricted by societal expectations in quite a number of aspects including the economy, political system, religion, families, as well as the international system. The young people haven’t lived attached to a certain way of doing things and thus they are free to see much better ideas to be implemented in the future.
Secondly, young people today are highly sensitized to all forms of injustice. The young people perceive wrongs and injustices that the older generation has resigned from a new perspective and therefore it keeps them in check as they live for justice in the community.
Thirdly, young people today are significantly fluent in the ever-changing modern technology. Moreover, this element enables them to be constantly sharing information, as well as fundraising and gaining support across the world for their new and better ideas. Technology is utilized in our day to day activities and thus using these tools appropriately could rouse the world into action.
Moreover, young people live accustomed to constantly learning new things thus habitually gaining new knowledge and skills. Therefore, they are substantially equipped at receiving and digesting loads of information at a very high rate; and then putting it into action by applying the new knowledge and skills in solving problematic situations. The young people are very good at learning and subsequently, are highly efficient in making adjustments and adaptations to make a change in the community.