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Origin Myths of Native Americans

Feb 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Feb 23, 2016 | Essays | 0 comments

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Origin Myths of Native Americans


Native Americans also known as American Indians were the indigenous habitants of North and South America. They include, the Navajo, Sioux and Cherokee Communities. Each of these communities developed stories and myths to explain their origins that were based on religion and evolution theory. The myths were not documented instead were orally re-laid from one generation to another by selected people. This paper describes and analyses the creation myths of the three Native American Communities.

The Navajo creation story has four worlds that had distinctive features, like darkness in the first world[1]. The worlds were created by a supernatural being whose spirits existed even before the creation of the world. Events that transpired in every previous world led to the creation of next world until the fourth and shaped their way of life. Similarly, Sioux community believes they were created by a creator power that created the whole world and placed them in America[2] as explained by Ferguson.

The Cherokee community’s myths talks of two people, brother and sister, as the original inhabitants of the earth which was an island surrounded by seawater and held by four cords. The woman delivered a child every seven days following her being hit with a fish and commanded her to multiply by her brother thus led to feeling of the earth[3] as implied by Ferguson.

All the narratives describing the origin of the Native American do acknowledge a divine being as the overall creator of human race and everything in the world from darkness, light and, living and nonliving things. The first people to be created in all the myths were two people, man and woman, that gave rise to the current communities[4]. The stories describe events during the process of creation that contributed to their way of life and the main difference being the chronological events that resulted to their existence and the world.

The narrative concerning the origin of Native Americans is not different from my communities origin’s story that talks of a supernatural being as the giver of life to both humans, living and nonliving things and the world as a whole the only difference is the specification of particular names of the creator and the chronological events leading to human existence[5].

In conclusion, the stories concerning the origins of Natives American do explain their existence in the world and their way of life. The stories are similar in a way since they all places a supernatural being at the center of their creation with the main difference being the chronological events that leads to the creation of their first ancestors and the world as whole. The stories place them at the center of America and were narrated orally from generation to generation.


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