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Comparing & Contrasting Front Pages of Different Newspapers

Jan 25, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 25, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

The essay will compare and contrast the front pages of different Newspapers both international and local newspapers in United States. Comparison of the newspapers will majorly be done on the front pages on their layout and content. The newspapers used in this essay are dated on November 12th, 2014 and their front pages are available in Newsuem website. The newspapers are different, comprehensive and have full coverage of events in Alaska City.
From the front page of “Fairbanks Daily News-Miner” newspaper shows a clear central picture of the Ben Eielson High School Jr members ROTC forming a saber arch during the annual Festival Fairbanks Veteran Day Celebration. However, the front page picture is different from the headline of the day, “Don’t expect pot on Campus,” which is a memo from the University of Alaska indicating that it will not welcome marijuana in its premises. On the other local news on the front page of “Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,” the newspaper reports on the police looking for any information on a puppy allegedly stolen, and also about politics where more ballots are to go (Newsuem 1). On the other hand, “Alaska Dispatch News” newspaper gives politics prominence and reports on the highs and lows of the campaign in the city of Alaska.in contrast to “Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,” the front page of “Alaska Dispatch News” shows a vote being shown to the observers. Other local news are also in contrast since “Alaska Dispatch News” reports still on politics, residents in the village who has no power and on the nation’s bid ice breaker which has endured despite age. The difference between the two newspapers could be because “Alaska Dispatch News” is more focussed and targets lovers of politics, nation’s current national and the current political affairs in the city. On the other hand, “Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,” could be more focussed and gives priority to Fairbanks news before the other news from the nation and the city (Newsuem 1).
On 12th November 2014, “The News Tribune,” a newspaper based in Washington City, USA has a headline about nature, “Strong Winds Down Tree Limbs, Cause Several Power Outages.” On the other hand, the headline of “The Courier Mail,” an Australian newspaper based in Brisbane city on the same date reports on politics between Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and Russian counterpart Vladimir Puttin “Hip and Cold Shoulder” (Newsuem 1) When the two headlines are contrasted, it shows the typical headlines in United States. The showdown between Abbot and Puttin “The Courier Mail” is an international political news, typical to major newspapers in United States. Similarly, headlines on natural catastrophes are also similar to major headlines in newspapers n United States when natural disasters occur.
The front page layout of the “The Guardian” newspaper of UK has three columns, central picture with the other headlines found in the newspaper listed on top or bottom. This is in contrast to typical front pages of newspapers in United States, such as “The Arizona Star” where the editors put all the information on the front page. Small sections are divided with almost over five headings on the front page. Typically you will not find newspapers in United States with a picture headline on the front page. This is because most of the newspapers always strive to put catchy headlines on the front page however small the font is giving the front page impression of much literatures. The similarity between these newspapers is that both tend to use catchy headlines to get attention of the reader or to sell more. These differences and similarities exist as a marketing strategy and for large volume of sales in a day (Newsuem 1).
The front page of “The Times,” London-based newspaper and the home page of the online version of the same newspaper has some similarity and differences. First of all, the content is the same but the layout is not the same. These differences exist because, in a print media, there are many pages that can accommodate more news, and the front page is left only for catchy news for sale. This is in contrast to the online versions which the home page is for any arriving or latest news, hence the difference in layout and similar in content (Brock, 2013). The differences in print and online media influence content and layout in different ways first of all, online media is continuously updated as news arrive hence influence the layout since some news are detailed and lengthy, some are short hence the layout changes depending on the type of news and pictures. On the content, the online media can be edited and changed while the print media cannot be edited hence once printed, it remains that way (Brock, 2013). Online version offers continuous news as they takes place, they can be edited, it is free, can be interactive in audio and video, and can be accessed easily from anywhere so long as a person has a device like smartphones, computers and tablets unlike print media. In contrast, print media offer long-term news for referral on a later date, can be used as evidence, have least errors since they are edited thoroughly and has fewer chances of telling lies (Brock, 2013). I prefer the online version because it is interactive, I get constant news as they happen and is free.

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