Neil Postman’s Five Ideas about Technology Change

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Neil Postman’s Five Ideas about Technology Change
The twenty-first century is characterized by the advancement of technology. People have adopted sophisticated technology in almost all spheres of life. However, this advancement in technology has had its benefits and challenges to humanity, and to an extent makes the world nervous. Technology is extremely complex, and the inability to predict its full impact on human race scares people. Sometimes people are reluctant to embrace new technologies because technology has a tendency to produce intended results. There is the speculation that at some point humans could lose control of their creation if they continue to advance technology consequently leading to a situation where humans lose substantial control over their lives. These speculations have majorly been associated with artificial intelligence, and tend to elicit fear in the general public that raises unanswered questions related to whether humans really need technology.
It is not really clear whether the creation of new technologies should be controlled or how the application of these technologies should be controlled. The key role of technology is to improve human life but that is never the case with most technological invention. Therefore, it is important to understand that technology does benefit humanity but at a cost in that with its every advantage, there is a corresponding disadvantage. Also, technology does not affect every person or group of people equally since it benefits some people and destroys others. Technology also changes everything thus should not be controlled by a single individual. The tendency to view technology as a part of nature gives technology more control over people’s lives than is suitable. Moreover, every technology is fixed with hidden powerful ideas that have practical consequences (Postman, 1998)..
The perception that technology is part of nature strikes me the most. People are taking technology as mythical and end up restructuring their lives to fit the needs of technology instead of using technology to fulfill their needs giving technology control over their lives. Everywhere people are changing with technology, and in the end, creating a situation where instead of using technology they are being used by technology (Postman, 1998). People using technology blindly is the root of some of the complex challenges linked to technology.

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