My Negative Service Encounter

Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 24, 2018 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

My Negative Service Encounter

After working for commonwealth bank (CBA), as a customer service representative (CSR) for six months and having undertaken all the training necessary I was very impressed with their services and affordability of the insurance, so naturally I decided to take a car insurance plan with them. Six months post my insurance cover, I had a major accident that left me carless and traumatised from the experience. This was just the beginning of my nightmare with who I thought was very reputable company. The Incident which took place in the busy month of December in 2011 left me puzzled and very disappointed at CBA.

My initial phone call to report the accident ended in tears and frustration. The customer representative was not empathic to the fact that I had a major accident, instead she rude, abrupt and very uninformative. Not only was she not helpful; instead she accused me of lying, and claimed I was not covered with them. This was followed my multiple long unsuccessful phone calls and a circus between CBA, myself and the subcontractor of CBA. Eventually the other party who was involved in the accident had decided to take legal action against me and I was ordered to pay a sum of $12,000 within a time frame. I kept calling the bank explaining the situation and persisted in the to search for my details. This took six months to retrieve my personal account with them. Only after I threatened to get a layer and sue the bank is when they started to take action to find my details.

I was left disappointed to learn that the insurance I had taken out was not going to cover all the expenses, damages and I had to privately pay $1200 out of my own pocket before they could begin the process of covering the other person. This process was not clearly explained to me when I took out the claim. So overall this experience left me feeling negative towards all insurance companies and banking institutions.