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When a child is born, each and every parent believes that there’s something unique about the new born. From the first day, we parents often feel we can immediately identify unique talents and skills that set them apart. Being objective when it comes to your own child is quite difficult. Often, we parents are tempted to exaggerate the qualities of our children. My son (Insert name of child) is a young exciting boy who has managed to change my life. When I sat down to write about him, the hardest part was not finding the right words and expressions to describe him but rather the challenge was ensuring that I did not exceed the required amount of text.

My son is like any other normal boy, enjoying most things that little boys do. He spends hours on the seeing set in our backyard, sometimes swinging for hours. He enjoys play group perhaps more than any other activity in his schedule. Play group is so exciting for him, that he will dress, prepare and pack his things hours before we have to leave the house. Last month in an exciting episode, he actually offered to help me complete the household chores, wash his clothes and vacuum the floor so that we could leave for play group earlier. It is not just play group that he adores, he also loves spending time in the kitchen cooking. Yes, this is one of the most unique things about him. He is always stirring something, kneading flour and if your eyes are turned from he or the house suddenly goes very quiet you are most likely to find him in the kitchen attempting to prepare lunch or dinner.

Meet, (Insert Name of Child) the Leader

When thinking about my son as a leader, I have come to the conclusion that he posses the innate talent and skill to be a great leader one day. However, like all other young children like him such skill and character needs to be shaped and restructured so that the young boy can be molded into the kind of leaders we pray and dream of. While he is often driven by what people think of him, for example always seeking approval from myself or his dad; he is quite stubborn in his own way. When he is punished for a mistake, he will ask, “Are you happy at me?” Of course this question is not put across with uncertainty, as with most young boys his age but rather with the charm that comes naturally to him. During his time out, he will smile at me, eyes twinkling and a sloppy sided expression asking: “do you love me mommy?” or “can I kiss you during time out?” Perhaps as a country we could use this talent to get ourselves out of wars and negotiations with terrorists. Leaders are often faced with challenges which they must face head on, ad whereas there are times when decisiveness is the way to go, some situations can be dissolved by simple charm.

I often observe our president, the most powerful man in the world and cannot fail to see his charm. I wonder if his mum can tell stories such as mine, learning earlier on that time out brings out the best charm in the young man.

Defends his own ideas

Majority of the time, we as parents favor children in the family who rarely talk back ad are often seeking our advice. As a parent, we want to fell competent that we are equally important in this world. This does not mean that we hate independence in children; it’s just that our innate nature is to want to be needed. My son is never afraid to voice his opinion especially when things are not going in what he thinks should be the right direction. This morning for example, there was no toast (his breakfast favorite). After a quite convincing discussion, I cited the importance of oatmeal for breakfast.............

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