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My artwork

Aug 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Aug 22, 2017 | Essays | 0 comments

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My artwork and professional focus involve designing websites and blogs, which I have perfected over the past seven years. My journey as an artist who designs web sites ad blogs began when I was in high school. The core of web design is typography and layout, and a combination of visual design. I am passionate about this graphic design because it can employ motion, light and audience interaction. My favorite part in designing websites are in creating the best themes, organizing the content and tabs to the satisfaction of the website owner and for aesthetic beauty of the audience because I use colorful themes, although I love dark colors. In addition, I try to keep my designs simple and effective that is easy to use.
Similarly, I get my inspiration from music because I believe music has creative art that can be shown in designs. Having been engaged in different subjects, my artwork produces familiar visual signs relevant to the subject matter of the website, arranging them into conceptually layered pieces. I have my own project called “The 100% Project” and it is about developing my skills in photography, audio and visual production, graphic design, interior design, typography, web design, websites programming and applications programming.
My artwork in designing websites through my project of “The 100% Project” is about simplicity and creativity. When I design a blog or website, I first look for the purpose and the audience that will be accessing the blog or website. I often try choosing elements which support the message and delete unnecessary elements in the website that might distract the audience from the messages being presented. Additionally, I add essential elements to communicate mood and choose elements that contribute to the concept of the work. I also keep in mind issues of geographical location, legibility, and cultural background when considering my audience. Lastly, I use existing iconographic languages but adapt them to the website or blog which I am working

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