Military History Navy SEAL Heritage

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Military History Navy SEAL Heritage

Navy SEALs are superior operations command force selected from the army, navy, and air forces. The SEAL started in the United States in 1962 under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy. It began as a minimal and top maritime military power to eccentric demeanor competition, and currently is the largest and supreme authoritative navy in the entire world. The U.S. Navy originated during the Revolutionary conflict in America from the Continental Navy (Blewett, 2009). The Navy SEALs undergo training, which make them suitable to work in any environments including air, water, and land. The training prepares them to operate in extreme climates such as freezing arctic, deserts, and humid jungles. This paper explores the history and heritage of the Navy SEALs by discussing the evolutionary development and impact of the force on military operations.

The Navy embedded in the American maritime custom, which shaped a great community of captains, sailors, and shipbuilders in the expatriate period. In the beginning, Massachusetts owned its Navy before the American Revolutionary War (Hawkins, 2014). The formation of a national navy became a disturbing subject of discussion among the Second Continental Congress committee. However, the proposers debated the role of the navy in curbing security matters. They argued that a navy would defend the coast and provide protection from enemies, hence paving ways for supports from neighboring countries (Marquis, 2007). The proposal of national navy foundation diminished proceeding the loss incurred by the Continental Navy that dispersed them at the end of Revolutionary War.

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Military History Navy SEAL Heritage
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