Measuring Presidential Approval

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Measuring Presidential Approval

Measuring Presidential Approval

I decided to take my poll at the star buck’s cafeteria. The respondents in my approval poll were twenty; eight out of the twenty were black students, four male and four female. The other twelve were Whites six ml end six females. The sample of twenty is for College students, this means that they are below the age of 21. In my poll I relied that it was easy and accurate to get information from the students who sat lone that those who were sitting as a group of friends. Friends tend to influence our decision making process. Out of the twenty, one student said that she did not wish to participate in the poll since she did not care about politics. One male student however was not sure whether he wanted to approve or disapprove since he had to make choice he chose to approve.

The results of the poll were as follows, eleven students approved Obama’s leadership, and nine students disproved of his leadership. Although the female student did not care about politics she chose to approve of the Obama’s leadership. Out of the eleven who approved, six were black and the other five were Whites. Out of the nine that disapproved, six were whites and three were blacks.

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When asked about their reason for disproval or approval, the reasons were quite similar. I found out that the students who sat alone in the Cafeteria gave very few reasons than those who were with friends, because they kept on repeating what the others had mentioned earlier. The reason for approval were that Obama mad.............

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Measuring Presidential Approval
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