MBA (IT) / Research Proposal Form

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MBA (IT) / Research Proposal Form

Please type and fill in the following form as completely as possible. Once completed and reviewed by supervisors then submit an electronic copy to MEC. Thank you.


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Project Details

Project Title:

A proposed title of the project

A Critical analysis of risk management in airport project: An empirical study of airport projects in Oman

Abstract/ Summary:

Please provide some background about the project, company, situation and overall summary as to the nature of problem and what is required (approx 500 words)

Airports Projects

Airport project has special focus from the public and always have a lot of discussion and studies to make the project as best as it can. Airport project has national, regional and international impact in the aviation and commerce. The airport project is usually managed by governmental organization. At the beginning there is a need to define what mean by airport project. Airport project is any project related to build a terminal in an airport or an airport with all what is related to these constrictions from systems and facilities. Always any new terminal and airport will enhance the performance of any airport within specific region. (Price, 2014) (Mengersen and Pao-Yen Wu⇑, 2013)

Projects management in airports

The project management is the same for any type of projects either it is for airport or any other types. It is consist of five phases which are (Project Management Institute , Inc, 2013):

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Controlling
  4. Executing
  5. Closing

There are some activities related to managing a project but these activities are not limited to a certain number but include the following (Project Management Institute , Inc, 2013):

  1. Identifying requirement
  2. Addressing the multiple needs and concerns and expectations of stakeholders for the planning and implementing the project
  3. Taking care of the communication between the stakeholders to efficient results and outcomes.
  4. Make sure to implement the requirements which delivered by the stakeholder and deliver the deliverables in time.
  5. Make the required balance between the project constrain which are Scope, Quality, Time, Budget, Resources and Risks.

For an airport project, the situation most of the times are complex and need many efforts from the stakeholders and the contractors to finish the requested tasks. (Mengersen and Pao-Yen Wu⇑, 2013). In some projects the government depend in a separate company to handle the project management of the companies but there are some projects which preferred to give the management of the airport to handle the project management of the airport project. (Mccoomb, 2015)

Risk management in Airport Projects

The risk management is part of the project management which help to identify the risks and how to mitigate them through the life cycle of the project. For airport projects there are some sources of risks which defined in the Airport cooperative Research Program publications of Transportations Research Board. The figure below sow the sources of risks which can be found in any airport project. (Price, 2014)

Also the risks in airport projects can categorized to different categories as the following table is showing (Price, 2014):

The IT infrastructure and systems within airports project

The airport industry facing many challenges within coming years with increasing number of passengers, the demand for the security and facilities. IT infrastructure is the base to give a better service for the passenger and the employees whom working inside the airport. All Types of information are requested to exchange between the stakeholders efficiently to help the passengers and the airlines inside the airport. (Mengersen and Pao-Yen Wu⇑, 2013)


List overall objectives of the project. These should be measurable and will be used in part assessment in determining the level of achievement of the project.

(Can be a breakdown of what you are trying to achieve and can be representative of activities/ phases that are to be conducted in arriving at the project deliverables)

The airport project become more important and significant within these days for the huge demand for the transportation either for passengers or cargos. The list of objective will help to make this project more focused in specific points and to give a better results to help airport industry. The objectives of this project are listed below:

Objective 1 : Study the relevance of risk and managing risks in airport projects

Objective 2 : Critical analyses the risk in airport project and role of Information Technology in managing risks

Objective 3 : Propose framework using IT knowledge base based on critical analysis and study of airport projects

Project Outcomes:

Provide a list of key outcomes of the conducted project (can be for each of the above objectives/ stages) these can be studies, reports, recommendations etc

The research in the airports industry became wider and there are different perspectives when thinking in the airports industry for example marketing, environmental, construction, operations, aviation, project management or planning and strategy. For this project, there will be a focus to provide the following outcomes which will help the airports industry:
  1. A study about risk management in airport projects
  2. A report about the role of information technology in managing the risks in airport projects
  3. A framework in identifying risks in airports projects through using the IT knowledge

Why are you interested in the project?

Provide a reason for your interest, what greater general interest it serves (In Industry or as part of Research) and who it could benefit (the target audience(s) that this project would be beneficial to)

This is my work and I am interested to have this framework to help my company in the coming airports projects. I came through different airports projects and I got knowledge to help the airport projects to become more efficient.

What are the key questions the project attempts to answer?

These should be testable in some way.

How important is the IT knowledge used in risk management of airports projects?

Is there a possibility to create a framework for risk management by using the IT knowledge for airports projects?

What research methods do you intend to use?

Interviews with project managers worked in airport projects. The project managers have an experience with all problems and issues related to the airport project which will help enrich the project with realistic information of existing airports projects.

Looking at the best practices in risk management for airports projects and that by reading about case studies of different airports. Get closer to different airports projects will help to identify risks sources and categories.

The survey will help to get information from the workers in Oman Airports Projects which will give an overview about their knowledge about airport projects in Oman.

What primary and/or secondary data sources do you intend to use?


interviews with project managers to extract a framework used for risk management using IT knowledge in airport projects

Report about using IT knowledge in risk management for airport projects


research in best practices in using risk management within airport projects

Provide draft chapter headings for your report

1. Introduction

2. Problem statement

3. Research objective

4. Key questions for the research

5. Intended outcomes

6. Research methodology

6.1 Primary data

6.2 Secondary data

7. Literature review

8. Critical analysis

9. Recommended framework

10. Conclusion

11. Self-reflection

12. Appendixes

13. References

Gantt chart

Please attach or outline a project schedule (Gantt chart) which incorporates the phases of your project and activities to undertake, duration, start and end dates, any milestones/ deliverables and major dependencies.

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