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Mattel’s New Premium Girl Doll Campaign: Strategies, Objectives, and Integration

Apr 17, 2023 | 0 comments

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Apr 17, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Audience identification

Some many companies and organizations deal with the production and supplies of girl dolls and accessories.  Being in the market for one year and keeping it up to the demands of the esteemed clients, Mattel’s new approach is far over the board.  Grace Thomas has decided to come up with a Premium Doll with beautiful 18-inch, long dark brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, French outfits, accessories, and toys.

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Campaign focus

The Premium dolls company will sell on purpose, will listen to the needs of the targeted lot.  American Girl (2015) emphasizes that for good rewards, the producer should clarify the mission, break the mission into specific goals.  This is very important for the organization at large, create and maintain favorable attention, being on top of the game is very essential, ask, listen and act, this will help to improve the quality of the product in the market, work on basics and develop on the attitude.

Goals of the campaign

Mattel’s Girls Doll will identify the loyal clients, those who buy frequently.  Grace Thomas will attach price tags with discounts on some Girl Dolls in the market during promotion times. Getting a cut off discount on a certain amount of purchase of Girl doll product will definitely increase sales. Organizing frequent offers and give away, will be done by the support staff who will have the opportunity to talk one on one to the customer and embrace openness (Business Wire, 2015).

Objectives of the campaign

  • To give customers a good to spend more at each purchase of that unique premium dolls in the market.
  • To give the esteemed customers incentives for making more frequent purchases of the product both at the local and international markets.
  • To provide consistent value to the Premium Girl Dolls.
  • To combine E-mail, Facebook, and other media networks.

The Integration

Mattel’s products will show off their products and engage in various posts including finesse, photos, facts, and technical know-how. Get more likes by inviting friends via pages, posting about the premier products, run a contest on an app, which is simple, result-oriented, and easy to measure the results. Executives will also publish on LinkedIn

The Plan

Grace Thomas American Girl Doll will coordinate efforts to communicate with one or more public organizations in three steps:

  • Developing clear objectives for the program that defines the message it wants the target clients to get and also strategies like a statement of objectives, situation analysis, specification of the targeted publics, timetable, budget, and discussion of how the program will be evaluated.
  • Execution of the campaign by deciding precisely how the message should be communicated to the targeted public and implementing the decisions by using various tools such as news conferences, special events, and written materials.
  • Evaluating the impact of the premium dolls in the market. In-house assessment, awareness, and preference research studies, and the measurement of print and broadcast coverage on.

Mattel’s American Girl Doll will engage professionals and also use several tools to reach a wider targeted client and market in a short span. News, speeches, corporate identity materials, public service activities, written materials, mobile marketing, social events, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (Mattel, 2014).


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