Management information systems (MIS)

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Consider your future careers, the types of information you create each day, verbal and written, your future children, society, and your possible future education. Think about your identity, your relationship with your peers, your family.
1. What does MIS have to do with ALL of the above?
Response 1 (MIS)
Management information systems have become the threshold for modern development and hold a promise more improvement in the future.MIS facilitates decision making at all levels in that, to make a decision where my future is at stake, it provides a wide range of significant information as a guide to decision making. MIS avails relevant information when needed to facilitate global networking as well as improve consumer satisfaction, a privilege to my Accounting career; nevertheless, MIS has become a critical element in regards to significance in our day to day life activities.
2. What are three standards of personal and/or professional excellence you wish to be evaluated on for an end of semester performance review? What do you think are the most important measurements that apply to your personal learning this semester?

Response 2 (Standards of excellence)
Standards of professional excellence are critical to one’s demand in the emerging highly competitive economies, my standards of professional excellence are accountability, objectivity and fiduciary duty; to meet the needs of my future workplace. It is my desire to incline my actions to align with the policies and responsibilities of my career in MIS, therefore the most important measurements in my learning this semester are my integrity and equitability since they are critical to professionalism in my career. Furthermore, with technology revolutionizing business today, particularly since we are living in the Information Age MIS is a key aspect in my life to achieve success; thus with the evolution of technology in our world today there is a countering evolution in human capabilities as well, therefore I aspire to evolve and grow in terms of innovation and creativity in my learning progress.
3. What are your personal three most significant learning goals for this semester? Consider depth of content, type of content, type of knowledge you seek, level of effort you are willing to invest, and define three personal learning goals for this course.

Response 3 (Personal learning goals)
This semester my main learning goal is to increase my activity in class. By this, I seek to establish the connection between my course, MIS, and the society out there. I am inclined to understand the application of my class-learned skills in the real world, especially with the enabling of individuals to widen their scope in the job market due to enhanced skills and knowledge, engaging in extensive after-class research will increase my understanding of the MIS concepts and its applications in the world today from my tutor. I also intend to join a technology creativity and innovations club to facilitate my participation in extra-curricular activities, as well as be presented a platform to share new ideas and information which will cement my desire for professionalism and increase my marketability in the MIS related jobs.
4. What is your one most significant concern you have regarding your accomplishing all three of your personal learning goals? This response requires excellent awareness of yourself, honesty, and a willingness to be both vulnerable, but also represents a personal obligation to be held accountable.
Response 4 (Most significant concern)
In the accomplishment of my personal learning goals, I am concerned about my time allocation where change is seemingly inevitable. To meet the demands of my goals, I have to revise my schedules and increase my activity in moulding my career. I have to spend more time in school technology creativity and innovations clubs and in the libraries doing my after-class research.