Louis XIV, 1986 – Jeff Koons

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Louis XIV, 1986 – Jeff Koons

Louis XIV is a magnificent and impressive stainless steel statue by Jeff Koons having a lustrous surface that put emphasis on flamboyant and decorative forms of the plummeting or pluming downpours of hair. The beautiful structure has flowery openings and slits on the cuirass, as well as authoritative and intense gravity and weight resulting from the cold command’s sneer of the monarch. Notably, the sculpture’s execution took place in 1986 and reflects back to the era of the flamboyance and baroque.

As well, the statue mirrors Louis XIV’s lengthy reign of France as a king, famously referred to as ‘Sun King’. The masterwork is a contemporary postmodern symbol illustrated by the fact that Nasher Sculpture Center and Dakis Joannou Foundation in Dallas hold examples of Koons proof and the three casts. Several exhibitions and publications have marked the casts, including the celebrated and controversial demonstration or show at the Palace of Versailles, which is a royal and splendid dwelling once under the control or rule of King Louis XIV.

Indeed, the King forms part of a famous series known as Statuary ranging from the Baroque, ornate to the brashness or kitsch, to the current or contemporary, and from the allegedly or evidently endless, to the determinedly and decisively short-lived, every subject connected and united via its reincarnation in similar material. The steel used in the architectural design is astounding and dazzling that its reflective characteristic establishes a variety of visual effects that continually and often shift. The armour’s steel is smooth, and the creation of the surface happen through forms that undulate and have mercury’s appearance of near liquid, complementary with much consistent and quality end of the hair. The art of work assuredly determines Koons’ perfectionism as legendary in the current world.

Louis XIV statue’s appropriation by Koon made it cast in, followed by a continued claim of egalitarian, democratic, universal denominating of the material of mass petition, and that is stainless steel. In the turnaround of the fairy tale of King Midas, there is a complete pinnacle or high point of elitist and discriminatory, which deems the Sun King a dictatorial savor. Koon’s openhanded tap and touch are currently unlocked and agreeable to all lessons deflation and

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Louis XIV, 1986 – Jeff Koons
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