Light Skin vs. Dark Skin Women

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Light Skin vs. Dark Skin Women and the Opportunities Offered To Them


In the world, there are still a few areas where there is no stigmatization of color. Most of the countries in Latin America have different policies and laws that are very helpful in preventing discrimination in relation to color of the skin. In most communities of Native America, Red-Black Cherokees were never accepted in tribes but those who had lighter skin colors were very welcomed (Richard & Stefancic, p17). Despite these occurrences in America, Asia takes lead in intense stigmatization of dark skin. For a thousand years, there has been discrimination of dark skin in India and they have been seen as untouchables. Even before the arrival of the Europeans in Japan, there was always stigmatization of dark skinned people. In accordance to the traditions of Japanese, a fair skinned woman remunerates seven blemishes. Mixed race births have been increasing largely in number and it has not made it easier for the off springs. The children from these marriages are never black enough or white enough for their people.

Most women want to be just like men and do not put into consideration that feminism is all about equality for both men and women (Hooks p.11). Being a feminist does not mean one have to be angry and hate on men because one can be a friendly feminist. Feminism can be defined as a movement to bring sexism, oppression and sexist exploitation to an end. The feminism mission is all about the female rights and equality not anti-male. The major problem is sexism and people should know that both male and female from birth have made to accept sexist actions and thoughts. Women therefore are allowed to be sexist just as men. This however does not excuse male domination. Many reformist thinkers made a choice to emphasize on matters concerning the equality of all genders. The revolutionary thinkers were not willing to alter with the systems that were already available for they wanted more rights for women.

The many changes that was available in the economy of the nation, people losing their jobs, economic depression and many more opened doors for the citizens to come to terms with the gender equality notion in different workforces. When we look at reality concerning racism, it was very clear that most white men were very willing to put into consideration the rights of women as long as they were granted that those rights would purposely maintain and protect white supremacy. Skin color has affected job opportunities for many people all over the world. For example, female immigrants had no problem getting jobs. However, for Asian and black women had disadvantages because of color when compared to white immigrants. Some people choose workers according to color and type of hair. For example in 2014, in movie casting they wanted African-American girls for that post. The girls were ranked from A-D; where girls in group A were expected to have long hair and were to be very classy. B group was expected to have a lighter skin and have a good body. Those in group C were to have brown skin and a weave. Those from group D were taken as the lowest of all (Joseph-Dottin, p3).

Feminists who were also the reformists thought primarily focusing on equality in the workforce for men blocked the main foundation of the contemporary feminism. This is because it majorly focused on changes on the general restructuring of the society; to help the country be all anti-sexist. This caused most women more so the privileged white ones, to stop considering the visions of revolutionary feminists as they were receiving different powers. This happened after they started gaining economic power within social structures that already existed. When talking of abortion matters, women of all kinds of races, black or white have the privilege to access abortion that is safe. It does not matter where you are from but the safety of all women is the first priority. This however affects those from different class for example those from poor backgrounds. As much as they have the right to choose, sometimes these costs are too high for them (Hooks, p15).

The difference in class hierarchy has been an issue contributing to division of women for quite some time. Previously, the working class white women made recognition that there was presence in the hierarchy of class. As the movement of feminist continued, white women who were well educated was privileged enough attained the same power access just like their fellow males and this caused the struggle for feminist class to not be seen as important. The privilege whites got recognition from all corners inclusive of the media and the main issues that affected working class women were not in any case highlighted anywhere. These white women are the only ones who were able to air their problems and the rest of the women were forgotten just like that. Sexist oppression and gender discrimination is not the main reason that made privileged women from other races to stay at home, they stayed at home because the jobs that would be assigned to them are the same jobs they would have done even with lower skills. Elite women with very high education chose to stay at home instead of doing other kinds of work because they were paying very low despite their education.

White privileged women made it public about their ownership of different movements forgetting the other races that helped them come up with the movement. With their action and decision, they made poor white women, women of color in the followers’ position. They ignored all the other white women as well as the black women were heading the movement; they just took charge of it. They made it very clear that they were the owners whether or not they were present during its formation. They then overlooked race issues, gender discrimination cases in neocolonialism contemporary. The sexuality of men and women are very different. Men and women are not equal but the privileged white women are equal to these men. This shows how much power the privileged white women have over other races. This is why when they took over the movement, they became the talk of the town and no one else further paid attention to the real problems that other women have.

Women should support each other despite the race, class or religion. The fact that white women with privileges would choose to overtake an organization that is based on fighting on the rights of fellow women to focus on their own benefits is heartbreaking. These women despite their privileges should have used the spotlight they had to bring to the public on the issues affecting women out in the world. To everyone’s surprise, they used to the spotlight to gain recognition and made other founders of the movement followers. This is a clear indication of selfishness and for women to get the equality they need, they should stand strong and together to fight as one; in unity. Light women thinking or believing they are better than dark women should come to an end to bring the interests of women together.

Studies show that people of mixed race are in most cases put below white people but above black people. It even indicates that black women with dark skin suffer more in the sentences they are given in prison than those with lighter skin colors. 12000 Black women who had been imprisoned were sampled in a study between the year 1995 and 2009 in North Carolina. The results showed that the counterparts who had lighter skin colors received 12% less sentence on their time behind bars as compared to those with darker skins (Jill et al., p.254). The results indicated that those with lighter skins their color contributes to the reduction of their actual time in prison by up to 11%. A study in the University of Georgia indicates that most employees opt for black women with lighter skins than those with darker skins despite their work experience and qualifications.


Women should stand together and get what they want. They deserve so much better than being described as where a man gets his pleasures from. How can one use sex to describe another person? Coming up with movements to fight for their rights is a good idea. Whether black or white, light or dark we are all women so color does not really matter. People should appreciate the different diversities instead of treating people of color and black people differently. Privileged women who have the attention should wisely use that media spotlight to get other women what they need. Things like equality at their work places where men are treated as superior than them. Women need to grow together and the only way to acquire this is if they stand by each other and fight together to get their needs achieved.

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