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Last chance hospital case study (Strategic Plan)

Last chance hospital case study (Strategic Plan)


What are some of the planning strategies that Russ might have used that would possibly have positively affected the outcome of the strategic plan execution?

Strategic planning in the last chance hospital case study is very crucial in any organization and is often carried out to improve the organization’s future performance or solve specific problems affecting the organization. For most organizations, the objective is to come up with ways that would eliminate the problem. For instance, in the case of Last Chance Hospital, the problem had been identified to be a possible future financial constraint thus constraint to come up with a suitable plan with reasonable, realist implementable strategies that would help improve the financial position of the hospital and prevent its future fall. The job of developing the strategic plan was taken by Russ whose plan put the hospital exactly where they had feared because he overlooked the recommended principles of effective strategic planning as implied by Jennings & Disney (2006).

An effective strategic plan, according to Jennings & Disney (2006), takes into account those affected with the drawback. In the past physicians had attracted patients to the hospital, however, currently, their contribution was no longer enough and Russ should have realized that. Thus, Russ needed to have been creative, explore, and incorporate the emerging market trends modifying them to suit the Hospital. For instance, the strategic plan should have focused on the marketing department giving recommendations on how to improve patients’ satisfaction like developing a communication system that allows for patients’ feedback. Moreover, he should have considered publicizing the hospital by advertising their services and even providing incentives to inform of some free services like advice on how to live healthily or slashing their service fee for a period of time as recommended by Tahkapaa (2004).

Russ should have ensured that his strategic plan was flexible. A good plan should be open to any possibilities, give alternatives that would back up the plan in case the original strategy is inappropriate, and give room for improvement of the plan in the future to incorporate dynamic changes in the patients’ market countrywide as described by Johnston & Bate (2003). He should have also been creative in the development of the strategic plan to come up with unique ideas that would attract more customers instead of settling for a simple concrete plan and be in a position to improvise if the plan was not yielding the required results as suggested by Johnston & Bate (2003).

Also, Russ should have sort the help of other staff members instead of coming up with the strategy on his own to get credit full credit which was a rather shallow and self- centered mentality since the strategy was for the good of the company and was meant to solve the foreseen future financial problem. Russ shoul.............

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