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How Early Childhood Classroom Teachers can support children with disabilities in inclusive settings through the IEP process.

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Apr 10, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Early Childhood Care and Education

Identify three ways in which organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and/or the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) work to positively impact quality child care and education. Describe one way that individual early childhood professionals can also work to positively impact the lives of young children and their families.

NAFCC and NAEYC work in ensuring child care quality in many different ways. These organizations understand that to ensure high quality and functional child care system, then the children, parents,, and teachers need to be empowered, and this gets achieved through three ways. First, is by providing support for all people who work, educate, and care for the children. By doing this gives the relevant and necessary tools in the education as well as morale for the necessary care and nurturing for the complete growth of the child. Second, the organizations also provide a healthy and safe physical environment. Lastly, they also implement strong policies for program management resulting in high-quality service.

Individual early childhood professionals, a caregiver, can also positively impact the young children’s lives by providing guidance and loving care to the child and working with the family in ensuring the child grows and develops in the best possible way (n.a, 2018, p. 169-174).

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Schools have a definite role in the socialization process. Explain the difference between the concepts of cultural assimilation and cultural pluralism. Why is the concept of bilingual/multicultural education an example of cultural pluralism?

Cultural assimilation occurs when the minority group of people takes on the way of life and the characteristics of the majority group of people. On the other hand, cultural pluralism occurs when all cultures in the society are accepted and appreciated by different races, lifestyles, religious beliefs,, and languages. The bilingual/multicultural education concept is regarded as an example of cultural pluralism because of the acceptance and understanding that no change to the language despite other languages being taught (Gretta, 2001).

Identify and explain the key responsibilities of early childhood classroom teachers about children who have disabilities, the IEP process, and their work in inclusive settings. Explain the role of the early childhood classroom teacher in each of these areas, identifying and explaining examples of the key responsibilities of early childhood educators.

Early childhood classroom teachers provide children especially children with disabilities with the concepts they will require for learning further and also for helping them in adapting to the structured environment of the classroom. Some of the key responsibilities for the early childhood classroom teachers include the following:

  • To the children with disabilities, the childhood classroom teachers should ensure that the assessments are nondiscriminatory and nonbiased. educational decisions about a child with a disability must be done on many assessments and not on a single test
  • To the IEP process, the childhood classroom teachers need to use an individualized educational program that is inclusive and involving a team’s approach to the education of the child, meaning collaborative efforts and input from the child’s family and experts.
  • In the inclusive settings, the teacher also has a responsibility of demonstrating that he or she values every child in the classroom. Moreover, he or she should help other children in the general education classes in accepting their peers with disabilities. For example, all the children especially those with disabilities, need to see the teacher as viewing them as valuable members of the class (Sagepub, 2018).


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