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JM Family Company- Corporate communications

List and analyze results of team context and composition scale questionnaire

The corporate communications of JM Family functions in sequential and modular interdependence. The team work levels are very moderate with the teams performing their tasks independently. The task team of corporate communications coordinates efforts physically to finish the organizational needs. However, despite corporate communications having the ability to independently make internal decisions, the tasks are handed downwards from the company’s executive management. Dyer (44) indicated that cooperation is one of their core values.

From the results of team contexts and composition scale assessment, the corporate communications scored 3.8. This implies that the department’s team is composed of members who support effective teamwork. Personal development is prioritized while the the overall team development is lacking.  Moreover, the seven member team of corporate communications is an effective size. The team posses’ interpersonal and technical skills and displays high motivation that is needed for tasks completion.

Team competencies scale for assessment

Similarly, the analysis of the results from the Dyers competencies scale for assessment shows that Corporate Communication department of JM Family falls in the midlevel rates. This calls for general improvement. The lowest competencies that are relationship related are conflict management and team building. On the other hand, the lowest competency that is task related is having a decision making process that is clearly defined (Dyer, 48).

Dyer indicated that by scoring low scores in conflict management and lacking of the processes of decision making, makes the functions of Corporate Communications to be like a staff rather than a team. However, the corporate communications recorded high scores in established channels of open communications. The members of the team also acknowledge the existence of negative reactions, sometimes with combative and defensive actions, to criticisms   or even feedback. This tendency of brushing off problems, according to Dyer (71), can result to tension and ineffectiveness of the members.

Lencioni assessment

According to Dyer (57), the Lencioni Assessment provides leaders of an organization with an exploring opportunity to overcome the obstacles that sidetracks their team members. The assessment done on corporate communication of the JM Family gave the team members the insight on their unique strength of their team, and areas that need improvements in the five major fundamentals of developing productive and cohesive team. These include commitment, conflict, trust, results and accountability.

Dyer (59) indicated that the assessment comprises of 15 questions of which the members of a team are to answer. The results then indicate the levels of dysfunction in the company. From the Lencioni Assessment, corporate communications, the results can be used in providing and evaluating the susceptibility of Corporate Communication to the five identified dysfunctions.

From the seven team members of corporate communications who did Lencioni Assessment, the scores were as follows for the totals from the five key fundamentals.

Trust = 7.14

Conflict= 7.42

Commitments= 6.57

Accountability = 7.29

Results =7.57

All the scores from the key fundamentals fall between 6 and 8. This is interpreted from the Lencioni Assessment interpretation key that dysfunction could be the problem in the team.

Explore group dynamics using at least two relevant course concepts/theories

The functioning of Corporate Communications department is more like a staff than like a team. However, there exist open channels of communication where team members still can negatively react to some constructive feedback. Furthermore, the team shows non performance signs

Relate results back to goal

From the Lencioni Assessment, the five key fundamentals show that dysfunction could be a problem in the team. The results show there is an absence of trust. This comes as a result of team members who are not willing to make an admission that they have made mistakes are reluctant to be vulnerable to each other. Trust cannot be achieved among members without certain comfort levels in the team (Dyer, 52)

The results also show fear of conflicts. This is because the team members are incapable of engaging in passionate and unfiltered debate on fundamental issues. This is characterized in corporate communication department. Moreover, corporate communications lacks commitment hence the team members have created an environment where ambiguity is prevailing. Dyer (64) pointed out that commitment is a function of two pillars; buy in and clarity. Successful teams make timely and clear decisions, and progress with complete buy in from every team member.

The results of Corporate Communications department also show avoidance of accountability. This is because the team does not commit to clear action plan. Successful team members tend to overcome the natural inclinations by improving their relationships and holding every team member accountable. Lastly, the scores portray inattention to results in corporate communication department. The members of the team tend to focus on their needs before the teams collective goals. This is because the team members are not held accountable for their actions.


In conclusion, corporate communication department team in context and composition is very effective. The number is a manageable and they portray effective group dynamics. The competence of the group is unquestionable although the team faces some form of dysfunctions.

Work cited

Dyer, W. G., Jr., Dyer, J. H., & Dyer, W. G. (2013). Team Building: Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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