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JM Family Company- Corporate communications

List and analyze results of team context and composition scale questionnaire

The corporate communications of JM Family functions in sequential and modular interdependence. The team work levels are very moderate with the teams performing their tasks independently. The task team of corporate communications coordinates efforts physically to finish the organizational needs. However, despite corporate communications having the ability to independently make internal decisions, the tasks are handed downwards from the company’s executive management. Dyer (44) indicated that cooperation is one of their core values.

From the results of team contexts and composition scale assessment, the corporate communications scored 3.8. This implies that the department’s team is composed of members who support effective teamwork. Personal development is prioritized while the the overall team development is lacking.  Moreover, the seven member team of corporate communications is an effective size. The team posses’ interpersonal and technical skills and displays high motivation that is needed for tasks completion.

Team competencies scale for assessment

Similarly, the analysis of the results from the Dyers competencies scale for assessment shows that Corporate Communication department of JM Family falls in the midlevel rates. This calls for general improvement. The lowest competencies that are relationship related are conflict management and team building. On the other hand, the lowest competency that is task related is having a decision making process that is clearly defined (Dyer, 48).

Dyer indicated that by scoring low scores in conflict management and lacking of the processes of decision making, makes the functions of Corporate Communications to be like a staff rather than a team. However, the corporate communications recorded high scores in established channels of open communications. The members of the team also acknowledge the existence of negative reactions, sometimes with combative and defensive a.............

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