Intuition and Reasoning: A Dual-Process Perspective

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In the article of Intuition and Reasoning: A Dual-Process Perspective, the author discusses the current theorizing state about the dual processes in the performance of adult on decision making and reasoning tasks, whereby type 1processing is differentiated from the type 2 reflective thinking. The author shows that there exist many types of theory of which some distinguish modes instead of the type of thinking, and that the underlying assumptions on the cognitive architecture vary (Evans, 2010).

From the article, the author substantiates their arguments with evidences. For instance, the author shows that some theories of the dual system have recently been replaced by the idea that there exist two or more minds that are distinct with different histories of evolutionary. The article present the formulation of the author that is most recent on dual processing within the theory of hypothetical thinking, at a more easily applied level to specific tasks performance. The article then considers the implications for cognitive development, and indicating that while type 2 thinking is evidently linked to the cognitive ability development, it combines and then competes with processing systems of multiple Type 1 which persist in cognition of adult (Evans, 2010). Each of these could have their own time course for development. Therefore, while theories of dual process should and can inspire much theory and research in cognitive development, the predictions derivation for cognitive development is very far from straightforward.

According to Evans (2010), several authors have assessed critically the usefulness and the viability of the two system approach. The exposition by Evans (2010) in this article suggests that they understand and recognize many of the problems and therefore they seek to make rectifications. Unfortunately, it is clear that their attempts are futile. Moreover, if anything, it only increases confusion because of the addition of the new theoretical constructs In addition to the propositions that there may exist more than two systems.

The commentary in this paper will take tow levels in offering a critique to the article. At one level, the paper will directly address the article, commenting specifically on what it term now as a two process theory. At the higher level, the paper will consider the author new model to be another version yet of what is referred generically as two systems models. Furthermore, the paper will ask whether indeed these constitute models or theories as usually conceived and understood by the scientific community (Evans, 2010).

It is obvious that it is outside the scope of this paper to provide a de.............

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