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Hootsuite is social media tool or a social media management system designed to manage effectively all the social media platforms or accounts as it offers an interface across the multiple social media account in which you can write, schedule, send and track post from it. It is considered the best tool for companies with multiple social media accounts across multiple networks. A good example being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It is regarded by the company as the world widely used social media platform with a figure of over 10 million users including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies (Cara 2013).

According to the survey done by Pingdom for social media monitoring tool, Hootsuite was rated top with 29.4%, above TweetDeck, which was rated at 23.5% and social engage at 13.2% (Cara 2013). Invoke media launched Hootsuite in 2008 and since then it has stamped its authority on among the other monitoring tool in regards to social media. In 2014, Hootsuite acquired UberVu, a leading innovator in social analytics. UberVu is a next-generation social analytics solution that turns data from blogs, forums, and social networks into actionable business insights (Paul 2014).

Hootsuite has the best easy to learn interface which is organized into tabs this allows users to split engagement activity into social networks and streams. For instance, a different tab can contain the business user accounts while a different tab with personal social media sites to which a user requires a subscription. Streams enable users to separate content within each social media platform. For example, when using Twitter, a user can have one stream for the post, another feed for direct and messages, and finally a different feed for home feed. (Paul 2013)


The platform is based on four pillars which are engagement, listening, analytics, and collaboration. For an engagement, it tracks very vital information from social media. This information is important for businesses as they make critical decisions based on it. The platform also gives the user the tools to locate influencers, buyers, and leads while tracking critical information that will ensure the success of your business (Ashley 2012).

Acquisition of uberVU made actionable data to be accessed easily through social media networks and being able to generate real-time revenue through online conversation its collaborative nature build cohesiveness in the team that runs your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. As your team expands, Hootsuite is designed to scale with you by making it easy to organize your company by department, team, and reg.............

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