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Anticipated Questions for a Pastoral Candidate Interview

Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 4, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Question Two

Since Marsha will be preaching before the Church Committee, there is a number of questions that she may expect. At the same time, she can ask several questions for clarification purposes. This section will give the questions that Marsha May expect and those that she can ask and the functions the interview will serve. An interview is usually meant to identify the right candidate for the job. At the same time, the interview helps both the interviewer and the interviewee determine if they want to work with each other. In this case, the interview will assist the congregation determines if Marsha is the right candid date for the pastor’s vacancy if Marsha fulfills the needs of the congregation. Marsha, on the other hand, benefits from the process by understanding the expectations of the congregation and whether she can fulfill them. Here is a list of questions that Marsha should anticipate during the interview process.

a. How does your husband feel about your committal to the church and pasturing?
b. What makes you think that God wants you in the pastorate?
c. As a church, we pay greater attention to youth activities, as the church pastor what would be your involvement to ensure that the youth participate fully in church activities?
d. As the pastor, you have to be involved in counseling, what is your take on that?
e. Describe to us a successful church and who is a successful pastor?
f. Explain how you would handle scandalous accusations against you? And scandalous accusations against a church member?
g. In your resume you indicated you love singing, what is your view on the styles of music in church?
Here is a list of questions Marsha should ask during the interview. Here questions should be focused towards understanding the church better. At the same time, the question should focus on how the church will support her in her Pastorate Ministry.
a. How does the church expect the pastor to dress both during the service and off week?
b. How are decisions made in church?
c. What, in particular, interested you as a candidate to fill this position?
d. Are there concerns that you may against me?
e. What are the challenges that this congregation is facing at the moment?

Question three

The interview is supposed to give Marsha an overview of what she should expect from her role as the pastor since the congregation wants to know her involvement in the youth activities and participation in the church then Marsha has to get involved in those youth activities. Additional activities may include conducting counseling sessions and participating in church decision-making panels.
With regards to moving to Michigan this will not be a hard task for Marsha since her husband is aware that she has secured a job. To ease her transition, the congregation can introduce themselves especially the different church committees. Through such a move, Marsha will familiarize herself with the members and where they reside. At the same time, a welcome party or service can be conducted to introduce her to the whole church. The congregation can also suggest topics that Marsha will have to handle in different counseling and youth sessions.

Question four

The lead member Exchange Model focuses on the team leader maintaining his or her leadership position and at the same time can agree with members of his team. The supervisor is this case can access the ability of Marsha to be a pastor in the church through her talents such as singing and evangelical ministry. To add on the supervisor has the duty to determine how Marsha likes to be treated, in this way the congregation ensures that Marsha’s needs are respected.
The second phase of the Lead member exchange model is role making. Here the supervisor will aim at building trust between the congregation and Marsha. The third phase is routinization, where the building is of a social relationship

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