Information Technology

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Information Technology

Information Technology

Internet and Web Browsers

The development of the internet commences in 1969. It was during this period the United States of America (USA) was experiencing a cold war that ignited heated competition between them and the Soviet Union. The USA’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) created an internet-like network called ARPANET. The project to develop the interlinking network package was started by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency in 1973 to create a communication protocol that would allow computers to communicate with each other on a network. Their effort bore fruit when a computer at UCLA sent a message to a computer at Stanford. However, the system crashed in the process. Alterman, Rachelle. Planning in the Face of Crisis: Land Use, Housing and Mass Immigration in Israel. London: Routledge, 2002. Internet development got a new breath-form Vinton Cerf whose contributions led to the development of the Internet Protocols that transformed into the world wide web which was the first web browser (Tatnall and Davey). Today the most common web browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and healthy lifestyles. This includes disseminating information on nutrition, exercise, and general lifestyle choices. The Internet Explorer.

Methods of Communication

With the creation of the internet, various ways of communication aroused. They include Social networking, Email, Podcast, Webcast, and streaming media.

Social Networking

To begin with,

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Information Technology
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