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Strategies to Enhance Employee Performance in Hospitality Industries

Jul 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 12, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Improving Employee Performance

Outstanding employee performance is very crucial in hospitality industries such as Brekkers and Along stay as it helps attract and retain customers consequently aiding in the industry’s growth. Brekkers, which deals with fast food and has twenty-three outlets, has well-qualified friendly employees dedicated to meeting the needs and expectation of their customers. Similarly, Along stay which is an all-suite hotel chain offering accommodation services to guest with the need to extend their stay in North America has fully trained employees in different fields including housekeeping that adequately attend to their customers’ different needs as recommended by Dorsett (2006, pp. 275).

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However, there is still need for improvements regarding employee performance in response to customers’ occasional complaints reported to the management pertaining inappropriate treatment by some employees. Therefore, Brekkers and Along stay ought to invest in strategies that would aid improve employee performance. Strategies focusing on workers’ motivation such as offering them reasonable payment, for instance, paying workers at minimum wages or above are vital as suggested by Bacal (2004, pp. 65). It is also important to establish an effective communication system since miscommunication causes delays thus customer discontent. Encouraging a culture of teamwork and clearly defining employees’ roles is helpful as well. Moreover, creating a friendly working environment where employees are treated with respect, their opinions and complaints considered, ensuring they are not offer worked, and offering job and emotional security by encouraging them to view the company fraternity as a family is important. Besides, offering employees incentives such as discounts would encourage them to be passionate about their jobs and strive to better themselves each day as explained by Chevalier (2014, pp. 12).

Improving Productivity

The desire by both Bekkers and Along stay to grow and expand their markets requires their dedication in improving productivity. Enhancing productivity entails the establishment of appropriate mechanisms centered on boosting sales. In order to realize success, companies ought to ensure they offer quality products and services at reasonable prices as it helps attract as well as retain customers. Proper management is also vital. For instance, Bekkers should hire competent managers to run effectively the 4 to 8 outlets they are assigned. Both Bekkers and Along stay managers should be in a position to properly manage the available resources, integrating where possible to minimize production costs and being creative in coming up with feasible solutions to everyday business challenges as well as keeping abreast with rapid change in the market in order to fully tap the intended market as implied by Bierman (2011, pp. 56).

Furthermore, Bekkers may enhance productivity by expanding their products and services. For instance, they could increase the kind of foodstuffs they stock as well as seats in their kiosks so that they can attend to more customers with varied tastes and preference thus increasing sales hence production. Along stay may consider hosting customers in need of accommodation for shorter periods of days or one week since it will enable them to expand their market as most people do not always stay in foreign town for long as suggested as Shahin & Janatyan (2010, pp. 6).

In conclusion, improving employee performance is crucial for the success and growth of hospitality industries like Brekkers and Along stay. While both companies boast dedicated and qualified employees, addressing occasional complaints and implementing strategies for motivation, effective communication, teamwork, and a friendly work environment can elevate their overall performance. Additionally, enhancing productivity through quality products, competent management, and market expansion further contributes to the companies’ success. By investing in these improvement strategies, Brekkers and Along stay can continue to attract and retain customers, ensuring long-term prosperity and a thriving reputation in the competitive hospitality market.


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