IKEA case study

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IKEA case study

IKEA case study

Executive summary

The aim of this definite consultancy report is to identify the definite human resource management processes that have been carried out by IKEA in order to facilitate the associations of analytical perspectives,. In addition to this, the consultancy report will also help i the undertaking of the varied notions of business processes that are being carried out in order to indulge into the innovative work culture that the company essentially perceives. The presence of proper innovative culture eventually held in the association of the analytical processes that helps in the processes of significant method responsible for the varied implications of methods and aspects that are associated with human resource management.

Table of Contents

Executive summary 2

Project outline 4

Methodology 5

Introduction 5

Research strategy 6

Data collection method 6

Data analysis method 6

Summary 7

Literature review 7

H.R practices of IKEA 7

Community connectedness: 7

Culture of work in IKEA 9

The importance of strong and positive human resource management policies on employee retention and performance 10

Effect of work culture on employee morale and the relationship between culture and employee retention 11

Critical examination of the Ikea’s HRM policies and their employee morale 11

Examination of Ikea’s employee development programmes and the advantages of the programmes 12

Important cultural elements that promote employee retention and innovation 12

Discussion 13

Conclusion and recommendation 16

Reference list 19

Project outline

Over the years, it has been found that, the [presence of innovative perspectives in human resource management has managed to gain enough effective authorities in an effective manner. It is to be noted that, with the use of an important human resource management practice, the innovative business activities help in understanding the extent to which the supposed notions of appropriation of the definite business process can be achieved in a significant manner. With its headquarters in Netherlands, IKEA has managed to gain enough innovative practices in their business processes (Mazzei et al. 2016). The company is an expert in the initiation of ready-to assemble furniture that includes kitchen appliances along with varied range of ghoomar services. The overall business processes that are to be carried out by the company helps in understanding the importance of work culture towards the innovative business processes and human resource management activities. The company being well-known for its modernist designs of furniture and that of interior design work has managed to infuse the presence if innovative activities that further attracts the attention of the customers. The corporate attributes that IKEA tends to perceive eventually helps in the continuous business development and helps in lowering the price of certain definite products that allows the entry of new products in their product range (Do et al. 2016).

Based on the notions of case study of IKEA, it is important to undertake certain outlining processes, which helps i n understanding the extreme tow hitch the project is to be carried out. It is important to hence it is important to notify the definite human resource ,management processes that are carried out by IKEA in order to effectively nutrition the culture which eventually helps in promoting effective levels of diversity and creativity. It is also important to understand the definite ways that are responsible for the initiation of an effective work environment and the ways with the help of which the company tends to interact with the employees and are further associated with the notions of training programs and that of staff meetings (Ahmed et al. 2018).

On the other hand, the human resource management activities that are being carried out by IKEA helps in the manifestation of the different work processes that exists within the premises of the organisation. In addition to this, the company’s recruitment process and that of the training processes have managed to provide them with significant benefits that help in the notions of succession planning. The workers of IKEA are further associated with the provision of a stimulating work culture, which helps in carrying out proper innovative processes in an effective manner. The HRM department of IKEA is further responsible for the safeguarding of the strengthening of IKEA’s corporate culture and helps in the specific identification of a set of rules that helps in transforming the definite ways with which the company’s visions are to be brought into reality. The HRM development of the company is based on the continued success of the business processes of IKEA is further dependent on the continual business development of the coworkers of IKEA effectively (Lertxundi et al. 2019).

The primary vision that IKEA perceives within the premises of the organisation helps in the inclusion of the employees and customer that helps in the understanding of the human resource philosophy. It is further subscribed towards the belief of the fact that the employees are supposed to be more productive and committed towards the company processes and helps in carrying out the needs and requirements of the company in an effective manner. The adoption of a proper business processes towards the promotion of employe empowerment helps in offering generous benefits (Kundu and Gahlawat, 2016). The company has view towards the development of a definite system, which helps in understanding the flexibility of the benefits that the company tends to gain. The accommodation towards different people towards the conducting of the human resource management philosophy helps in carrying out definite principles, which needs to be taken into account (Rabenu et al. 2018).
Therefore, from this point of view, it can be stated that, the presence of human resource practices help in carrying out the processes of innovation cultures and HRM practices. The investigation of the extent to which the human resource management processes within the premises of the organisation has captured the definite aspects of personal goals and objectives. Hence, the HRM practices have managed to change the status-quo of the innovative processes that needs to be assessed (Canedo et al. 2017).



The notions of methodology essentially deals with the aspects of the definite ways with the help of which the entire research consultancy work is supposed to be carried out. It is to be noted that, the aspects of the initiation of a proper methodological framework into carrying out significant methods help in understanding the extent to which the research process is to be carried out.

Research strategy

The introduction to a research strategy tends to involve the major components of a research project. It further helps in encompassing the research topic areas and focus, which helps in understanding the definite research perspective. While carrying out a definite process of research strategy, it is important to identify the strategic interventions that need to be associated effectively. Hence, in the context of the case study, it has been found that, the case study tends to understand the extent to which the innovative human resource management processes of IKEA is being carried out and the ways that needs to be attained in order to understand the work culture in a perfect manner. In this context, the use of empirical research with the help of gathering information from articles and journals will be carried out. It will facilitate in the understanding of the adoption of definite ways that will help in the initiation of an action oriented research (Saleh et al. 2015).

Data collection method

The presence of data collection methods eventually helps in the proper understanding of the definite methods that needs to be undertaken while collecting data. It is to be noted that, the imperative towards the association of data collection methods helps in the manifestation of the supposed attributes of research processes. Hence, in the context of the case study, it can be stated that, the notions of secondary data collection method has been selected to conduct the study. With the initiation of a secondary data collection method, it will be easy and convenient to be able to identify the previous information that is based on the notions of human resource practices prevalent in IKEA and the definite way required to propagate the others.

Data analysis method

The data analysis method can be considered a process, which helps in the investigation and transformation of modeling data with the goal of interacting with property and useful information. It is to be noted that, if is also important to undertake and support proper decision making processes, which are responsible for the variation in the data that has been collected. In addition to this, the association of data analysis of the data that has been collected and gathered needs analytical assessment in order to derive the results out of it. Hence, in order to fulfill the notions of secondary data collection method, qualitative data analysis has been undertaken. It will help in carrying out an extensive research on the notions of the journals and articles that have been gathered in order to carry out proper research methods and processes.


The presence of research methodology within a definite research framework helps in understanding tagged definite ways with the help of which the methodological processes in a consultancy report are to be associated. With the use of the methods that has been identified helps in carrying out the necessary notions of the supposed processes that needs to be assessed.

Literature review

In this study, we are going to have an overview of the policies of the Ikea’s and their HRM policies and their management policies, their different programmes and their programmes for the betterment of the employees. Ikea’s owner Kamprad was born businessperson, he started selling matches to neighbors’ in his bicycle and started making a profit. Kamprad was 17 in 1943 when he formed IKEA; the Swedish founded company is a multinational group. They design and sale ready to assemble furniture, kitchen and home accessories they are the world’s largest furniture retailer in the world since 2005. This study gives a thoughtful information and analysis in the in the organizational culture of the IKEA, their H.R practices, employee retention capabilities etc.

H.R practices of IKEA

Community connectedness:

IKEA’s aim was to create better life for many people, that included the employees, and customers making them work as community. The human resource of the company believes that when the company takes care of the employees they are useful and productive and has manage to move fact in the changing business environment.

The company has a very patronizing stand towards the needs of the employees as they believe strongly on employee empowerment. IKEA has very powerful policies of H.R and they offer many benefits and generous offers to the company employees (Noe 2017). The implementation of the H.R policies and there are more or less applied uniformly to all the employees the company holds.

Selection and recruitment:

They look after the different needs for the different employees. In late 1990s H.R policies of the companies was not able to pull out maximum benefit from the policies, as they did not give much preference to the individual needs and requirements. The company understands how to retain, acquire, and keep engaging the employees. The H.R management thought that they would benefit from the policies much more if they brought some amount of flexibility in the administrative parts of the management. After conducting various surveys and by asking the employees pinpoint questions about their needs and preferences, it was seen that they had different preferences and expected different things from the different company. Later on flexibility was the major aim for the IKEA and their human management resources.

The company had made various efforts for the accommodation with the different needs of the people, t.............

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