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How to Make a Lasting Impression on Your First Date

Jan 21, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 21, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

So you have met this cool lady or guy who you have planned a date with. First date can be a little or totally nerve wracking to ladies and challenging to the guys on how to make the first impression. So how should the lady behave n the first date to avoid being nervous? And how should a man behave to impress the lay? This directory essay will elaborate on how to behave on the first date.

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The first thing that you must ensure is that both of you agree on a date. This means that you are in agreement on where the date would be, whether in a restaurant, coffee store, a park or in any cool place. Similarly, based on the agreement on a date, both of you need to agree also on time. It can be disastrous if you turn out for your fist date late because it gives a bad impression. And your partner can make a wrong conclusion about you. Similarly, a person needs to inform his partner whether they are gong alone or with another person. To ease communication, it is imperative that you exchange personal contacts for communication.

Secondly, a person for the first date should be prepared. Preparation means that you should be at the venue early enough, probably like ten minutes early depending on the distance to where the meeting point is supposed to be. Moreover, for the men preparedness means that you can with some extra cash because in most cases it is a man who pays the bill on the first date. On the part f the lady, preparedness means that you are prepared with personal stuffs. For instance, if you do smoke, come along with lip gloss.

It also good to make a good impression on your firs date. Making good impression implies that you dress smartly and well, smell nice. Do not wear things that you cannot talk in, breathe comfortable, eat or even walk properly. You should ensure that you smell good, and your teeth are brushed. Moreover, you should talk nicely and smile and avoid using curse words or may be vulgar language since they make a bad impression. In general, you should think about how you want a partner to think and feel about, and then behave like the person.

Talking is also another behavior that is important on the first date. You should make eye contact when talking and not just eerily staring. Engage in a conversation with your partner by looking at them without being shy and letting him or her know that you are listening. Moreover, you should be a good listener, but not just keeping quite. When talking, you can talk about your job, family life and any other topic that interests you, but should also not be boring to your partner.

Lastly, be spontaneous on your first date. Avoid just watching and not eating anything or may be being quite for a long time. Be happy, bubbly, smiley and energetic on your first date. Ask questions and listen to your partner. Nobody likes people who need to be pushed to do something or to talk. Also on spontaneous, try to avoid being obsessed with your phones like checking our phone all the time. It makes a good impression if you give your partner maximum attention, talking and conversing like old friend and is free. It looks rude when conversing with someone and is staring on the screen constantly.

In summary, first date to most people is always a something hard to approach most people. However, by agreeing with your partner, being prepared, making good impression, talking to your partner and being spontaneous. The first date can be fun and memorable.

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