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1. Introduction: 3

1.1 Some background information on the problem: 3

1.2 Purpose or significance of the study: 4

1.3 Research questions: 4

2. Literature Review: 5

2.1 Introduction: 5

2.2 Marijuana’s psychopharmacological effects: 5

2.3 Effects on nervous system: 5

2.4 Effects on memory: 6

2.5 Effects on motivation: 6

2.6 Effects on Human emotion: 6

2.7 Social involvement, engagement, and integration of Students: 6

3. Research Methodology: 7

3.1 Introduction: 7

3.2 Research Philosophy and approach: 7

3.3 Research design: 7

3.4 Data collection: 8

3.5 Sampling approach: 8

3.6 Data Analysis: 8

4. Findings and Results: 9

4.1 Gender: 9

4.2 Age 9

4.3 Psychopharmacological effects: 10

4.4 Affecting the Nervous system: 10

4.5 Affecting Memory: 11

4.6 Affecting Motivation: 11

4.7 Affecting emotion: 12

4.8 Other issues: 12

5. Conclusions: 13

6. Evaluation of Research Methods: 13

6.1 The success of Research Methods: 13

6.2 Limitations of Research Methods: 14

7. References: 14

8. Appendix: 17

1. Introduction:

Marijuana is a mind alerting drug which is used for medical purpose in some countries. This drug is illegal in most of the countries especially in the United Kingdom. Marijuana comes from a plant which is called hemp plant. People generally intake these drugs via smoking. They intake this drug through hand-rolled cigarettes which are known as joint. Some of the people intake this through pipes or blunts also. More than 400 chemicals are present in marijuana which is the cause of intoxication. This drug contains mind alerting chemical called THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol) which is mainly responsible behind the intoxication.

1.1 Some background information on the problem:

High consumption of marijuana is the cause of various mental sicknesses like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. People consuming marijuana regularly suffer from permanent memory loss (Hall, 2015). People get panic attacks very often by consuming this illicit drug. Excessive use of marijuana can permanently damage the central nervous system (Whitfield-Gabrieli et al., 2018). The normal working condition of the nerves gets destroyed by the overuse of these substances as they can absorb the synaptic fluids and impose a great threat to the white matter and the grey matter inside the brain by destroying the cells. The chemical THC and other harmful components which are generally found in this drug pass through the lung and mixed with bloodstream (Committee on Substance Abuse, 2015). This bloodstream carries this substance throughout the body and brain as well leading to significantly affecting mental health.

1.2 Purpose or significance of the study:

Although Marijuana smoking is illegal in United Kingdom still some persons use it to get pleasure and this drug is the cheapest of all other existing drugs like cocaine, alcohol, etc. With the help of this research, we will be able to find out the ratio or percentage of the people who are generally addicted with this illicit drug use as well as behavioral and mental problems that may arise due to excessive consumption of marijuana. As per research, limited use of marijuana cannot deeply affect the human system but there are some gaps in the extensive research (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, 2017). Apart from the mental sickness like depression, anxiety etc., this substance can also affect the brain development of a person. So, the purpose of the research report is to find out how marijuana smoking affects the mental health of people.

1.3 Research questions:

This research focuses on the questionnaires mentioned below related to marijuana consumption.

  1. Does marijuana addiction impose psychopharmacological effects?
  2. Does marijuana addiction damage nervous system?
  3. Is there a correlation between marijuana addiction and memory loss?
  4. Is the motivation level of a person affected by marijuana addiction?
  5. Is there a correlation between marijuana addiction and a person’s emotion?

2. Literature Review:

2.1 Introduction:

Marijuana is mainly extracted from a plant leaves, that’s why most of the people think that it has less risk than any other drugs (Wilkinson et al., 2016). According to the survey report of WHO most of the marijuana addicted people of UK are affected with various psychotic disorders like depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

2.2 Marijuana’s psychopharmacological effects:

Marijuana consists of more than 60 cannabinoid chemical compounds, among which THC is the most active chemical leading to any kind of psychological disorders. In this plant Stem, leaves, seeds all consists of this THC component (Ammerman et al., 2015). As per pharmacologists, the amount of THC in marijuana remains around 150 mg now-a-days compared to 6-26mg in earlier days.

2.3 Effects on nervous system:

The chemical compound called THC has a huge impact on the central nervous system of the human body. The motor neuron function is greatly affected by this compound. Body flexibility, visual and spatial processes which are controlled by these motor neurons, is damaged by this compound (Lucas, 2017).

2.4 Effects on memory:

The research says marijuana has a reverse effect on one’s memory impairment. Some people say that substance abuse is the reason behind a short term memory loss and some say this substance abuse is the reason behind the verbal memory impairment (Sagar et al., 2015).

2.5 Effects on motivation:

According to the research, people who consume an excessive amount of marijuana usually feel less motivated most of the time. A marijuana addicted person generally feels low, less confident about his or her state. Just for this lack of motivation people will automatically come under the loop of depression (Hill et al., 2017).

2.6 Effects on Human emotion:

We have already discussed above that marijuana hugely affects the nervous system of the human body. Mostly in those cases, the frontal lobe of the human brai.............

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