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The Power of Personal Goals in Boosting Productivity and Performance

Feb 21, 2023 | 0 comments

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Feb 21, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

People can improve productivity and performance by setting personal goals. Personally, by setting my goals, I have experienced improvement in my performance as well as reductions of time spend sleeping and on social media. For instance, having my week planned was helpful; instead of writing my goals in an agenda, I used a big calendar and hanged it in my room to make it visible. Having a visible calendar helped motivate me do what I was supposed to do. Moreover, it helped me note the achieved targets of the day by looking at the scheduled activities of that particular day. Attaining my set targets was a motivation; hence, it helped me keep up with the schedule. Markedly, having goals is important but actuating and executing them is what gives them purpose. Every day I wake up I would see the calendar, which reminded me of my goal. As a result, the calendar acted as a filter to what I would engage in every day. Notably, people are faced with several opportunities, some act as distractions and therefore having a list of set goals will enable them set priorities.

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Apparently, goals are faced with resistance. Having a calendar helped me focus on the goals and not resistance. Moreover, writing goals and scheduling them in a calendar gives one an opportunity to peruse want he or she wants (Ndu, 2018). Consequently, it gave me an opportunity to visualize how I would like my days to look like, then schedule activities as per my vision. This made it easy to follow the goals of my desires. Nonetheless, people are bound to set measurable goals since everyone knows his or her strength. Using a calendar to set my goal prior, made me examine my strengths and schedule it according to what I could achieve.

In my calendar, I had scheduled my time to wake up at 5:30. However, waking up at that time was challenging. Nonetheless, I did not want the challenge to interfere with my schedule or make me engage in time-wasting activities like lying in bed. Therefore, I used the 5-second rule and it helped me practice a fixed wake-up time. The rule helped cement my behavioral change program in the set standards. The 5-second rules requires one to move and act on a particular goal once he or she has developed instincts to act on it to avoid self-negative talk. Research says that the 5-second window exists in every person and it employs five elements that are having an instinct, acting on a goal tied to the instinct, pushing yourself, move within five seconds, and or your brain will kill it. The rule has helped change my life because if i wake up and felt the need to go on sleeping, I would remember the rule, which would get me going. Moreover, I was able to gain momentum on my schedule by preventing my mind to create excuses of why I should not wake up early. Apart from helping me wake up early, the 5secon rule enabled me to push myself to do hard things, things that I never thought i could achieve, or things that I know I should do but I do not feel like doing them. However, sometimes I felt so tired; to avoid sleeping in, I would drink water immediately I wake up. For the last two weeks, I have not been on top of it because I got sick and could not follow my schedule. However, drinking water in the morning has helped and I have not had any headaches lately.

In this respect, doing meditation in the morning was also challenging in the days when I was tired. I would be tempted to play it on my you tube and listen to guided meditation as I rested in my bed. Consequently, I have decided to start journaling. Listening to guided motivation will enable to write down what I imagine in my mind in a journal and execute it in real life. This will elicit change in my life by taping in to memories in my subconscious, triggered by meditation, then writing it in a journal. Journaling is a way of channeling difficult feelings into creative outcomes through writing down one’s feelings and thoughts. This practice will led to personal growth through free self-expression, which will enable me think and listen rather than running away from challenges. Precisely, writing is a window to the soul, which allows an individual to distress, boost self-confidence, and eat healthier. Therefore, through a written expression of one’s feelings, people are able to work through their own problems hence solving them. As a result, through journaling, I will be able to express my inner thoughts through an emotional and spiritual exercise that will enable me to deal with life’s challenges. Apart from dealing with life’s challenges, keeping a journal will help me preserve memories. This is important when someone wants to remember details of something that happens in the past and he or she would like to repeat the same procedure again. Moreover, it keeps a list of achievements one has attained which could serve as a motivation to push him or her to do more.

Most people have failed in journaling because they know they should do it but they never seem to put it to action. Therefore, using the 5-second rule, will enable me to start my journaling and optimize my creative potential. On the other hand, since my calendar sets goals in relation to visions and knowledge of what I know I can achieve, using journaling will enable me to review my daily to-do list. On the other hand, my meditation routine in the morning will enable me to record insights and inspirations that will help me to think about those ideas as I go through them, strategize, and plan how to execute them. Through meditation, I will be able to affirm that I can make my ideas and goals real. Notably, goals help people to be accountable to themselves as they focus on the positive side of life, hence people can use journaling if they need to have a permanent progress of their goals (Williams, 2015). It also helps to remind us we have solved problems in the past so we can also solve any problems we face. Therefore, people can improve their lives and become happier if they started their day with a schedule or journal.

People need to set their goals and work on them. This will help reduce a lot of time they waste doing unproductive activities. Once someone has set his or her goals he or she needs to implement them. Having goals has many advantages such as helping people improve their health, be more patient, overcome challenges, solve their own problems, be more organized, and overcome bad habits. Personally, I have been focused since I started working on my goals. This has helped me gain control towards positively changing my life. Furthermore, it has given me a sense of personal satisfaction and purpose in life. Nonetheless, my career life is moving towards position since I am able to meet targets within the stipulated time. Therefore, I feel motivated and in control of my life.


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