How effective is Community College?-Outline

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How effective is Community College?-Outline


The question on whether community college is the best alternative for college education has been in discussion for some time. Those in support of this program argue that it gives cheaper solution and easy access to education. They also argue that students will have enough time dedicated to their studies instead of juggling between part-time jobs and studies. On the other hand there are those who view the program as wastage of tax payer’s resources since not all students re needy, on the same argument it is said that college education is not necessary for the job market and that only selective courses need to be financed. This paper shall look at the pros and cons of community college.


  1. Pros of community College
  2. Has led to access of college education for students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
  3. The cost of education is expensive and poor student do not access it because their sponsors and parents are cost sensitive.
  4. National assistance for subordinate students conceals most of tuition fee for community colleges, the petition of free create the possibility for the less fortuned individuals who considered it less probable.
  5. Students will dedicate most of their time to studies leading to increased number of graduates.
  6. There are additional costs attached to studies such food, the cost of stationer and other living expenses.
  7. Students have to get more than two part-time jobs to ensure they meet these expenses together with their school fees.
  8. In return the students loose out on the time for studies. When the cost of tuition is covered, the students will only need to have one job for extra pocket money.
  9. Cons of Community College
  10. Increased the burden on the tax payers, resulting to increased costs of living expenses.
  11. Not all students re in need of assistance for college education. Since it is hard to determine the students that need most help, the government is forced to pay tuition for all students.
  12. The economy of the nation is affected and the government is forced to levy more taxes on the citizens.
  13. The job market is competitive, and having college education does not mean that one will be employed. Researchers recommend that community college should only be accessible in the most important courses.
  14. Conclusion

Education at the college level is becoming a norm currently, even though; monetary provisions from government source deplete. The need for free college education program sets a modern standard that fits the civilized knowledge economy. Making higher education free for all members of the community is conceivable if the state pays for the level of human capital required by the nation.

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