How effective is Community College?-Outline

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How effective is Community College?-Outline


The question on whether community college is the best alternative for college education has been in discussion for some time. Those in support of this program argue that it gives cheaper solution and easy access to education. They also argue that students will have enough time dedicated to their studies instead of juggling between part-time jobs and studies. On the other hand there are those who view the program as wastage of tax payer’s resources since not all students re needy, on the same argument it is said that college education is not necessary for the job market and that only selective courses need to be financed. This paper shall look at the pros and cons of community college.


  1. Pros of community College
  2. Has led to access of college education for students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
  3. The cost of education is expensive and poor

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How effective is Community College?-Outline
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