Healthy Weight

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Healthy Weight

In his study, Packard (2013) revealed that exercise, good diet and getting enough sleep are the recommended ways to attain and maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight is beneficial to an individual in that it boosts the immune system and prevents health hazards such as obesity and cardiac problems. Exercise helps in building the muscles which further helps in burning calories while lack of enough sleep can trigger the body to release hormones that can make one to feel hungry and crave for foods that are high in kilojoules.

In spite of exercise and good sleep, good diet plays the most important role in attaining and maintaining a healthy weight. Foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grain, legumes, low-fat milk and dairy products contain nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Nutrients and vitamins enhance the immune system while fiber makes one feel full hence preventing overeating. Overeating leads to accumulation of calories in the body which can lead to obesity. Besides, breakfast should be adhered to as it starts the metabolism. It provides the energy the body uses throughout the day. Furthermore, it reduces overeating later in the day. An ideal breakfast constitutes foods with low calories such as porridge with low-fat milk, eggs, yogurt, and bananas.

Watching our food intake cannot fully lead to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight. It needs to be supplemented with other activities that keep us active such as exercise. Without exercise, it may lead to accumulation of calories in the body. Our body language affects our weight in that when one looks at him or herself in the mirror and sees that he or she is overweight even if he or she is not, he or she is likely to indulge in inappropriate ways of reducing weight such as starving that can lead to underweight.

Stress affects attaining and maintaining weight negatively since some people tend to overeat when they have stress while some resort to alcohol that contains kilojoules that are not useful to the body.


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