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Healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% heart attacks in men

Oct 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Oct 24, 2018 | Essays | 0 comments

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Healthy lifestyle can prevent 80% heart attacks in men

According to the recent study, people can save their heart and health using healthy lifestyle. The common health issue among men is heart attack. It is caused by bad lifestyle and stress. Every year in the US, more than 1.5 million men are hit by heart attack. Although, many of them survive, heart attack damages muscle tissue in the heart, irreversibly.

One study examined the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and low risk diets on middle age men. More than 20.000 Swedish men, age 45-79 were participating. They were observed over an 11 year period. Their medical history was checked for cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. During an 11 year period, those men should use a healthy diet, don’t drink alcohol (only small quantities were allowed), exercise and it was forbidden for them to smoke.

The result of this study revealed that, 166 of 1.720 men, who didn’t use any of five mentioned healthy behaviors, had heart attacks. On the other side, only 3 of 212 men who practiced healthy lifestyle behavior had a heart attack. The conclusion of that study was, that 79% of men who use these healthy behaviors, could prevent heart attack. The other conclusion was that only one behavior of five, can reduce risk of heart attack.

The same researchers mentioned that there is no some miracle pill or treatment that can prevent this problem! The only way to prevent heart attack are these five behaviors factors! Sadly, in the future there will be more men, hit by heart attack, due to neglecting almost all of five behavior factors.

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