Healthcare Governance/ Organization Structure

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Healthcare Governance/ Organization Structure


Evaluate the roles of the HCO manager, the clinical support service (CSS) management, and governance in deciding how much to invest in keeping up with technological change.

The role of CSS management is to provide specialized services at a level meeting the patients and caregivers need at a level that is excellent clinically (White & Griffith, 2010). The role of the HCO manager is to provide every patient with the needed set of services and integrate them as a whole (White & Griffith, 2010). The role of HCO implies that CSS must be consistent with the technological investment strategic plans, meaning that the scope and size of CSS are defined by the governing board of HCO and HCO that approved CSS annual goals.

In deciding on how much to invest in keeping up with the technological change, the HCO manager should assess the drawbacks and benefits of a new technology. Moreover, they should perform rough life-cycle costs analysis to determine if the new technology’s upfront cost outweighs the long-term operations, maintenance and energy benefits. On the other hand, CSS management’s role is to eliminate oversee and underuse of CSS and keep up with technological change by proposing cost effective technology to HCO (White & Griffith, 2010).

On the governance, their role in deciding on how much to invest in keeping up with the technological change are diverse. The governance body constitutes the individuals in the management of the HCO, and they establish policies and practices outlining the scope and cost of technological change in the HCO. Moreover, the governance balances the tension between reliability and production efficiency in deciding the appropriate costs. Lastly, they

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Healthcare Governance/ Organization Structure
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