Health Care Crisis

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Health Care Crisis

Health Care Crisis

The American Health care system is facing so many problems that if immediate action is not taken, the system will collapse. America might be a great nation but when compared to other developed nations in terms of medical care provision, the nation is lagging far much behind. Mukau (32) describes the American health care system as “bloated, wasteful and insufficient”. This is proven right by the Sicko documentary filmed by Michel Moor which focuses on the healthcare system in the United States and how it affects its citizens.

Causes of Heath Care Crisis

The problems facing the current healthcare system include the high and unsustainable cost of medication, poor investment, uneven distribution of healthcare leaving a portion of the citizens uncovered and the system is more focused on the business side of health care rather than the wellbeing of people (Mukau, 33). The root cause of this problem is not mainly the cost of health care but the selfishness that some leaders or the influential people have that denies American Citizens their rights to medical care. According to the Sicko documentary, when Hillary Clinton was the first lady of the United States back in the 1980s she was doing everything possible to make quality medical services available to all by coming up with policies. This did not last long because she was met with strong opposition from the healthcare industry. Accessing medical services without insurance become impossible which greatly affected the low-income citizens. Health care insurance companies made huge returns from the hard earned money of desperate Americans.

Due to the high demand for health care insurance, the companies have taken advantage of this and heightened the insurance premiums compared to previous years. As if that is not enough, the q.............

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Health Care Crisis
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